Piggy Paint Review and Giveaway!

I love painting my nails— it makes me feel pretty and it’s fun for me to try out different colors and brands. My 20 month old daughter, C, likes seeing the bright colors when I paint my nails too.

Before the birth of my second little one, you’d rarely ever see me without polish on my nails. (Unfortunately, with two kids now, I hardly have time to brush my hair once a day let alone paint my nails!) Piggy Paint Review and Giveaway!

Of course I was eager to paint my little girl’s nails, but I was hesitant to expose her to the harsh chemicals in regular nail polish. Then, I found Piggy Paint!

Piggy Paint claims to be “Natural As Mud.” It is a water-based polish and there are no toxic chemicals, including formaldehyde, acetone and Bisphenol A. Hooray!

It’s also completely non-toxic, so I don’t have to worry about my daughter putting her fingers (or toes?) in her mouth when she’s wearing polish.

I was sent three Piggy Polish colors to review— “Sea-quin,” a bright turquoise, “PINKie Promise,” a neon pink that dries to a matte finish, and “Glamour Girl,” a shimmer purple polish with silver glitter.

The first thing I noticed about these polishes is that they do not smell like nail polish! They do have a slight scent, but it smells to me more like craft paint than nail polish.

When we opened the box, my daughter immediately wanted to try out the colors. She was so excited, even more so after seeing the picture of a pig on the bottle.

My biggest concern with painting my daughter’s nails was getting her to sit still while they dried. To an energetic toddler, two minutes of sitting still feels like a lifetime. But I wasn’t disappointed— I love how quickly these polishes dry.

The company recommends air drying for 60 seconds and then using a hair dryer on them for another 60 seconds. My little girl refused to let me blow-dry her fingernails or her toes, though, so we just blew on them a lot.

They did indeed smudge a little bit, but a quick once-over fixed it right up and the other nails dried really fast.

If you’ve ever tried to cut a toddler’s nails, you can probably imagine that it’s quite difficult to keep her still enough to paint her nails without it getting on her skin. Luckily, though, it washed off her skin super easily. When the polish was still wet, a swipe of a baby wipe took the color right off her skin. After it had dried, we just washed her hands with soap and warm water and it came off easily.

I really, really like the colors we were sent! The favorite in our house is the “Sea-quin;” C, C’s grandma and I all agreed it is a great color for a little girl. Its bright and fun looking, and we got that vibrant color with just one coat. The color “PINKie promise” is neon pink, bright and also really cute.

The “Glamour Girl” is less bright and very sheer. It took three coats for the color to look right, but as you can guess— it’s not easy to do three coats of polish on a squirmy little girl. Even after three coats, it looked okay, but not awesome.

On her toenails, the polish started to wear a little after about two days. It started to chip after four days and it lasted total about ten full days. Ten days of polish for an active toddler is awesome, in my opinion!

On her fingernails, the polish began to chip a little bit after only a few hours. I suppose that is to be expected, though, because little kids get into everything! It lasted about three days total before we took off the remaining polish.

Piggy Paint does sell a special base coat and a special top coat; the website says if you use all three polishes and dry with a blow dryer, the nails have ‘maximum chip-resistance’ and will last significantly longer.

These all-natural nail polishes are absolutely fabulous. It’s a fun, mostly stress-free activity for me and my toddler and C absolutely adores showing off her pretty nails when they’re piggy-painted.

Piggy Paint has agreed to give away $25 in credit to their online store to one lucky Mama Say What?! reader. Most polishes on their site are $8.99, so you can definitely get yourself and your little one a few really cute colors! Enter below!

Must complete the first 3 entries for your entries to qualify. Must live in US and be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway ends 5/28/13 at 11:59pm PDT.

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Can’t wait to see if you’ve won? Throughout this whole week, you can use the code “welovegabby” for 15% off any order.


8 Responses to Piggy Paint Review and Giveaway!

  1. Cassie, I love your work and I read all of your article you post on FB, I love this piggy paint and have seen it before, the price is a little high though! Hopefully I will win this contest and i’ll let you know how Kinsley likes it! :)

  2. i’d pick angel kisses and midnight pansy! such great colors!

  3. I would purchase the color Sometimes Sweet!

  4. This is a fabulous idea for little girls…. my niece needs her piggies painted!!!

  5. Eat your Peace is definitely my color!! I loooooove piggies (the animals) and I think it is so adorable that this product is named Piggy Paint. I love to find great natural products and the gift card would definitely go to good use!

  6. I might get the Birthday Bash gift set:)

  7. I have been allergic to nail polish for over 45 years! Acetone & acetate chemicals. I have been using the “sticker” nail polish for years now. How excited was I when I just read the ingredients of your product and found what I was allergic to is not in your polish! You do know I will be using your product in a lot of colors. Yes, I will share with my new granddaughter!

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