Pregnancy and a Toddler

Image by Kristen Hafner Photography

Being pregnant and having a toddler has been…interesting (and a wonderful lesson in patience).

The first trimester was absolute hell. No amount of Zofran could force me to leave the house for those first 12 weeks, which was very hard on my 1 year old E. Thankfully, we (and by that, I mean ‘she’) were able to play in our backyard to make up from our lack of park trips, library visits and play-dates.

Around week 14 I was feeling more like my old self, and we resumed our normal schedule and fun activities. If I am being honest, I over-scheduled our days to make up for the boring and cartoon-filled weeks prior!

As I’m entering the third trimester, I’m trying to figure out how I’ll manage cooking freezer meals in preparation those first few post-partum weeks with a super helpful 2-year old at my side.

So, how did I keep E somewhat happy and entertained during the first trimester?

Thankfully it was summer, so we did LOTS of water play on our porch. E was able to stay cool and practice her pouring skills to her hearts content, and I was able to sit and try to not be sick. On the rare days when we were able to leave the house before the intense nausea brought us back home, we stayed close and walked to the park across the street.

E also watched her fair share of Little Einsteins while we cuddled in bed, and we must have read every book on her shelves a thousand times over. It was during this time (E was about 19 months old) that I introduced a whole new slew of art mediums to her. Markers, colored pencils, and paints were all new and exciting to her since she had only used crayons before that. We also built forts under the kitchen table, did puzzles, and I watched her pull out every toy we own multiple times a day.

Image by Kristen Hafner Photography

Second trimester was spent at the zoo, parks, playing with friends, mommy-daughter lunch dates, and making up for all the errands I had to push on to daddy from the months prior. We also perfected how to bring a toddler to a midwife appointment with minimal fussing (hint: stroller, snacks and an iPad (AKA bribery).

Image by Kristen Hafner Photography

The biggest struggle has been toting around a 23-pound child as my body goes through its normal pregnancy aches and pains. There are some days when it’s a struggle to put her in her crib at naptime (the whole ‘bending over’ thing is overrated anyways). Wearing her in my Líllébaby carrier on my back has been a lifesaver for errands and other times when a stroller/shopping cart just isn’t going to happen. With the waist strap positioned below my bump, I’m able to carry E for as long as needed, and keep my arms free.

Thankfully, third trimester has been very similar to the second. If my body reacts the same to this baby as it did to E (both pregnancies have been identical so far), I won’t start praying for labor until week 39 or 40. I plan on using these next few weeks to stock up the pantry, make freezer meals, and create some fun crafts that E can do while I am nursing, so that the last month or so will be used to start (whoops) the nursery and nap while E naps.

I can’t wait for life as a family of four, but am cherishing every moment of this time alone with our daughter!

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  1. I love this and can totally relate!

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