Quinn’s Mermaid First Birthday Party

I have never actually met Jamie in person, but I have a feeling if we did it would be a lot of fun. We both have a love for beach and nautical things (although living in Michigan has me at a real disadvantage). Quinn’s Mermaid First Birthday Party

I fell in love with Quinn’s nursery, so when Jamie told me that they were doing a mermaid/beach themed first birthday party, I knew it would be awesome.

Thanks for sharing this sweet party with us, Jamie!

What inspired the theme of the party?

Our family loves all things beach! Quinn’s room is also a mermaid/beach theme, so we thought it would be a perfect theme to celebrate her first birthday. I thought it would also be a little easier since I had some of the decor from her room, or if I bought anything new I could add it to her room after. Win win!

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

The decor! Only because I truly love crafting & decorating, it’s in my blood. It’s always fun seeing it all come together too!

 If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

The one vendor I always love is our bakery, Donna B’s. Quinn’s cake was precious, and completed the table. Their cakes taste amazing too! We often find bakeries that look good but don’t taste good— but at Donna B’s they are always yummy!

M.Elizabeth Designs on Etsy made the adorable mermaid toppers! She was excellent and very timely. I knew I couldn’t do all the DIY so I had her make the mermaid toppers in a time crunch. Everyone was booked weeks out, including her, but I asked, and she was able to accommodate me! So awesome, plus they were adorable!

The Tea Cookie on Etsy made her invites, and I loved them! It was more the look I was going for, simple and modern vs. the typical character mermaid invites.

Last but not least, Russell’s Stationary is a little beach store in my hometown. We frequently visit when we’re downtown and always find fun beach stuff for our home and Quinn’s room. They have shells galore there as well, perfect for her party!

What was your favorite moment of the party?

We had all gathered to sing for Quinn. With the candle lit coming forward, she was so happy and smiley as she looked around the room at all her friends and family. Then she did her cute shy face. It was precious! BUT right as we began to sing and give her the cake, she started bawling! Nothing but tears, and she didn’t want anything to do with the cake. It was like a switch went off! I always love to sing “Happy Birthday” because that moment is all about the birthday child, seeing the light twinkle in their eye, but Quinn didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

Yes, I forgot a few things to make and to finish decorating the front of the house that morning! I was so busy, both skipped my mind. Having a birthday right after Christmas is a little bit challenging. Next year I’ll need to give myself a little more time!

What was the birthday girl’s favorite moment of the party?

Playing outside with her friends! She couldn’t have cared less about the party, she just wanted to play! She was glued outside in her sandbox for a while!

Any advice you would give to mamas who are planning a party for their little one?

Yes! I always seem to struggle with getting a decent birthday girl/boy picture, and a family one. Set aside a minute to snap a few, maybe even before the party starts and the chaos begins!

Also, don’t worry what kind of party you have, big or small, when and where. Nor should we sweat the small stuff. Just do what you can and enjoy the party! Your child will enjoy it regardless!


Donna B’s Bakery 
Russell’s Stationary 
Etsy Vendors:
Mermaid Toppers:  M. Elizabeth Designs
Invitations:  The Tea Cookie

3 Responses to Quinn’s Mermaid First Birthday Party

  1. What a fun looking party!

  2. Great party and what a beautiful cake! Great job Jamie, as always!

  3. Love this theme! will have to do it next year for my now 3-yr old. :) thanks for sharing all the inspirations!

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