Baby Chic for Less Than $25.00

My kids’ closets are full of clothes. I just cannot help myself when I see a cute top or a pair of adorable shoes. I dress my kids better than I dress myself. I love seeing a baby in something couture, but I just don’t have an extra $100 to spend on a dress. Unfortunately for me, places like “Janie and Jack” and “Baby Gap” are usually out of my budget. As a result, though, I’ve become very talented at putting together an outfit for under $25. So every couple weeks or so, I’m going to tell you how to give your child massive amounts of style for a little bit of money.

This week I went to The Children’s Place and Baby Gap. I’m signed up on their websites to receive their coupons via email, so they’re always hooking me up with 20% off items. I also watch for an extra 40% off clearance or similar deals. My biggest secret to shopping for baby? I don’t fall in love with one item. I just make an outfit from whatever they have on sale. I try not to even look at non-clearance items.

The Children’s Place is having a killer sale as of May 20th and I got a 15% off coupon for my entire purchase.

I purchased an eyelet skirt for $10.49.

Eyelet Skirt

The Children’s Place Eyelet Skirt


A pair of shoes in ivory for $4.99.

(It shows a different color online and the store price was cheaper.)

Mary Jane Shoes

The Children’s Place

And I purchased a tank top for $2.99.

(Sweet deal! Again, the store prices were cheaper.)

The Children’s Place

After tax with my 15% off coupon, my total was $17.15!

I then headed over to Baby Gap to pick up a cardigan or something else fabulous and came across this beauty:

Baby Gap Jacket

It was on final sale and just so happened to be in Allie’s size. It was priced at $7.59 and I also got an extra 20% off due to a sale. So I got it for $6.63 after tax. It has a minor flaw on the inside lining, but my 1 year old is a bruiser, so chances are she’ll ruin it after one wear.

The outfit’s total price came out to $23.78 and it was a total steal.

Now, go out and go find some other awesome bargains for your little ones and be sure to share the deals!

Happy Shopping!

5 Responses to Baby Chic for Less Than $25.00

  1. I loveeeeee this outfit!!

  2. So cute, and such a steal!!

  3. So cute! I adore that skirt. Now I just need to have a girl!

  4. I LOVE the outfit! so “grown-up” for a little girl!

  5. I love this! I can spend $25.00 or more on a single item of clothing that baby outgrows in a few weeks :( I should look in the sales section more often :)

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