Matthew’s Scheduled Birth

Matthew’s Scheduled Birth

Mama: Sam A.

Stats: 7 lbs., 12 oz., 20 inches

Type of Birth: Scheduled cesarean

Birth Location: Hospital

Primary Care: OB

On Friday, November 16, 2012, we welcomed our second child into the world.

It was a scheduled cesarean section due to our daughter being born by c-section nearly two years ago. My original due date was November 19, 2012, but because of Thanksgiving being that same week and scheduled c-sections being done on Fridays only, my OB decided November 16 would be the best date.

Throughout my pregnancy I had some problems — nothing major, just annoying, I guess. I had become very well acquainted with Braxton Hicks contractions early on in the second trimester, experiencing them multiple times a day, every single day. There were a few times I thought I was going into early labor, and most of my friends and family didn’t think I’d make it to my scheduled date. I was even hospitalized once because I was having regular contractions and wound up having a kidney infection. Other than that, there was just a lot of the usual pain and discomfort that goes along with pregnancy.

On November 16, I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital at 7:15 a.m. and surgery was scheduled for 9:15 a.m. When I got there, they checked me in, hooked up my IV and monitors and prepared me for surgery.

The nurses noticed I was having contractions, and they were a little stronger than normal. I think they thought I was actually going into labor, but when I let them know it wasn’t a rare thing for me to have regular contractions like that, they weren’t as concerned.

Around 8:30 a.m., the anesthesiologist came in and “briefed” me on what to expect once we got into the surgery room — how he would give me the spinal shot, to remember to breathe and letting me know that I might feel a bit of discomfort but if I had any problems during the surgery to keep communicating with him.

They took me down to the operating room shortly after. Once I got in there, they moved me over to the operating table and sat me up. At this time they gave me the spinal shot. After that, they laid me down and got everything else prepped.

We basically had to wait for everything to numb up (it usually takes me awhile, even when I get dental work done). I remember feeling more numbness on my left than the right for awhile, and they kept doing a poke test to make sure I wasn’t feeling any pain to make sure it was working.

They kept asking me if I was nervous because I had such a low heart rate. I was extremely nervous! They joked that it was uncommon for someone getting ready to head into surgery— or even just a pregnant woman— to have such a low heart rate. It got up there pretty quickly, though, once the numbness kicked in completely. My husband and the OB came in; surgery was ready to begin.

The smell of them cutting me open literally made me nauseous. It had a burning smell to it and I had to let the anesthesiologist know that I was feeling sick. I was so worried that I would get sick on the operating table. He told me not to worry and gave me medication to get rid of the nausea, and it did — thank goodness.

The anesthesiologist was wonderful about letting me know when to expect any kind of mild pain or pressure and making sure I was doing well. My husband sat by my side holding my hand and supporting me, but I felt so weak and could hardly keep my eyes open most of the time.

They had a sheet strung up over my chest area so that my face would be covered from what was going on down there. When the time came for the baby to be born, they pulled the sheet down and I was able to see them pull my little guy out!

Matthew was born at 9:28 a.m. They even brought our little guy over to me after a couple of minutes before taking him back to bathe him, so that we could officially meet.

It was so different from Emma’s birth — I wasn’t able to see them pull her out. Everything was quick and we didn’t see her until after she was all cleaned up.

They then put the sheet back up, asked my husband to leave the room and finished up the procedure, which seemed to take forever, probably because of the anticipation of being back with my family. After the OB was finished with his part and the nurse was stitching me up, he peeked around the curtain and told me that I did a great job, and that the baby was perfectly healthy and there were no complications.

They wheeled me into recovery where I was feeling pretty out of it. The nurses I had this time around were great — my main nurse in recovery was very kind and enjoyed hearing me brag about Emma, how excited I was for she and the new baby to meet, and everything else I excitedly rambled on about with her!

At this point, I wasn’t feeling too much pain, but I could feel it coming on lightly. She asked me if I wanted medication, which was a narcotic so it would make me sleepy. I was hesitant because I knew my family was waiting to see me, but since they would have to keep me for a half hour after administering the medication, I figured I better take it right away.

It didn’t seem to take too long in recovery before they let me go back to my room to my husband and our new baby boy. When I got back, I was so excited to see our little guy again. I was amazed at how much he looked like Emma when she was born, but how many different features he had, too.

He was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20 inches long. He seemed so tiny! He had a decent amount of hair — which is jet black, poker straight and so soft and shiny.

I was so excited for Emma to meet her new baby brother. I had no idea how she would be. From experience being around other little ones, she loves them from far away, but isn’t as sure of them up close.

She was a bit apprehensive at first with Matthew, but after a few minutes she warmed up and couldn’t get enough of him. For being only 22 months old, she is so gentle and loving toward him. She loves to give him hugs and kisses on the forehead and is always trying to help take care of him.

He did lose a bit of weight after birth — almost a whole pound in just half a week. He was slightly jaundiced, but not enough to cause concern. At a week and a half, though, he put on almost all of the weight he lost and his jaundice had cleared up.

My lactation consultant was very pleased with his latch and how well he was doing right off the bat. I was extremely excited about how well he was doing with nursing, because Emma didn’t do as well when she was born. This was one thing I really wanted to work with this time around. I pumped for her, and I do with Matthew too, just to have some supply on hand. We also do a little bit of bottle-feeding with him because of the weight-loss, but he’s still a good nurser and the important thing is he’s still getting breast milk!

I, myself, am still in the healing process, being only a few weeks postpartum. I’m feeling better as the days go, but it’s going to take a bit of time which is expected! It’s well worth it, though.

We’re thinking this may be our last child, as we had always hoped for two — a boy and a girl. Now that we have these two little blessings, we’re thinking our family is complete.

It’s kind of bothering, though, knowing that I never have and never will experience a normal birth — normal as in having my water break, going through the labor, and pushing. The only way I know is by c-section, and if we ever do decide to have another child, I will most likely have to have another c-section.

But, if that’s what it takes to make sure my child is healthy, then that’s okay with me.

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