Playhouse Renovation

After playing at a friend’s house, it was evident that our toddler would love a playhouse in the backyard.

I looked around and couldn’t really see myself paying hundreds of dollars for a piece of plastic that sits in the backyard. Ha! So as I usually do, I went about trying to find something used.

After posting to my Facebook page that I was in the market for a Little Tykes playhouse, an acquaintance let me know that she were selling hers for $50.

Unfortunately, it was in sad shape and it was super girly. That would not usually be an issue for me, but I had envisioned something a little less pink for my baby boy.

So I decided to fix it myself. I bought the playhouse and got to work.

A good power-wash did wonders, and after a little research, I decided we should try to paint the plastic more neutral colors.

Our first step was to disassemble the playhouse: take off the roof, door and the shutters. This step wasn’t as easy as it sounds… we had to unscrew the roof, and “Houdini” off the doors and shutters!

Then all items that were to be painted needed to be cleaned as per the instructions on the back of the spray paint cans. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Hubby skipped it on a few pieces and the paint chipped.

Spray your first coat and let it cure. Then spray subsequent coats. Make sure you check the directions on the spray paint can for curing times. Our paint needed an entire seven days to fully cure. If you think they are dry before this, resist the urge to put the playhouse back together… the paint will chip!

One week later, viola!

4 Responses to Playhouse Renovation

  1. This turned out great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. wow what a huge difference!

  3. Love this! Hopefully I can find a play house for Alexis so I can do the same thing :)

  4. That’s really cool! Now I know to jump on the next one that gets offered up on freecycle.

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