Real Mama: Angie W.

Angie is a mama that always makes me laugh. She is true to herself and anyone else she meets. She will always tell it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. Enjoy this little look into her life.

Tell us a little about yourself…

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I’m Angie, Angela, Ang, Mama, Honey, etc. I’m a SAHM, complete job description available upon request. I have been married to Sean for three years. Our daughter, Katie, is our “little muffin top,” the happy little lady who rules our house. She was born in March 2011 which makes her 20 months old, and is due to be a big sister in April 2013!

Where is home?

We are currently living in the great province of Alberta, Canada. My husband and I have lived here for more than five years but we are both prairie kids at heart.

What are your secrets to balancing your life as a loving wife and stay-at-home-mama?

I’ve been trying to teach myself how to balance all of these roles, but it has honesty been a hard transition. My needs have been pushed aside many times in order to focus on my daughter.

My most important secret in the first few months after Katie was born was SHOWERING! I always felt like a new person after one. It was like washing the tension and stress away to start the day fresh. Now that I’ve finally found my groove, I’ve started making time for my hobbies, having real conversations with my husband, and slowly getting my home in order. My next challenge is home organization. I blame Pinterest.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration is my sister, Jen. When her boys were young I would give her all sorts of grief about her parenting methods. Now I’m looking back and wishing I had kept my opinion to myself. She has endured hardships that I hopefully will never know firsthand, and she did it with her head on straight and is succeeding in raising two awesome kids. Now a full-time student, she’s setting an example for her children and other mamas out there, including me.

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What has been the best advice you’ve received as a mama? What do you feel is the best advice, if any, that you’ve given as a mama?

The best advice was to continue breastfeeding through those difficult first weeks. I wanted to give up many times, but I kept my goals in mind and feel lucky that I was able to complete them. I won’t say how long I nursed for, because some women have a goal of two months, some say two years, and I respect both.

When I have been asked about postpartum depression, I always try and give my honest personal experiences. It can be a very lonely and dark time, and asking for help is the best thing you can do for yourself, your child and your family.

Read about Angie’s experiences with postpartum depression in the first of her series on the subject: Postpartum Depression: The On-Set

Are you the kind of mama you thought you’d be?

Not at all. I think as a mama, I’ve struggled where I never thought I would (depression) and succeeded with things I didn’t even think we’re on my radar (breastfeeding and crafting).

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I hope in my 40s I will accomplish some personal goals that are long overdue.

I’d like to get a college degree and find a career that I really enjoy. If I can do something creative, fun, rewarding, crazy, interesting and challenging all day and make money, I would feel fulfilled.

My kids will be approaching high school. It will no longer be cool or hip to sew clothes or bake cookies for them, of course, so I’ll have to find new hobbies.

I hope Sean and I will be working toward a comfortable and exciting retirement together. I don’t know where we will live or what our kids will be up to, but I hope we’re having fun and doing stuff as a family.

If you could have lunch with anyone famous (dead or alive) who would it be?

I hate this question. I’d have lunch with myself in Florence, Italy with a bottle of wine and a book. I don’t want anyone to talk to me or annoy me for the next two hours. I’d eat copious amounts of spaghetti, use the washroom without a toddler on my lap, and then I’d go back to real life.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I’d be “Motivator Mama” and I’d travel far distances to help all mamas with my Procrastination-Busting laser. This is something I struggle with, I’m a terrible procrastinator. The laser would also solve world hunger, emanate a world-peace-inducing fog, and there would be an environmental-destruction-reversing diode as well. Patent pending.

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Was your birth experience all that you hoped it would be? If you could go back and change anything, what would it be?

My birth experience can be summed up in a few words: long, scary, painful, long, confusing, shocking and relieving. And long. It felt like an eternity.

If I could go back I would have prepared myself for the POSSIBILITY of a cesarean section. I have big hips; I always thought I’d push out several babies, if you could see my hips you’d agree. Shakira, you’re wrong, my hips DID lie.

How has your mothering evolved since those early newborn days? Is there anything, thus far, in your approach to mothering that you swore “I’d never do…” and you are?

My mothering hasn’t really evolved too much; I try to be as laid back as I can. I’m a high strung, uptight person by nature, and an outsider might still think that I am (fair enough), but I feel like I try to relax about certain things as much as possible.

An example of something I never thought I’d do was co-sleeping, well I did. It was the only thing that kept us sane for a few months. I also made fun of mamas for many, many other things. My heartfelt apologies go to all the judged and misunderstood moms and dads. I can’t go into details about what these things are, I don’t know who might read this!

Is there anything else you wish to share with the Mama Say What?! audience?

I’d like to end this on a positive note. I’d like anyone who’s reading this to enjoy parenthood. Be fun, be happy, be yourself. Take criticism with an open mind, someone might be really looking out for your best interests. Whether you are a SAHM, a hard working career mama, a single mama, a student mama, or all the other mama-types out there, just try to be the best version of yourself every day. If all else fails, find something to laugh about. Laughter is the best medicine. Unless you’ve just had major surgery, that’s the morphine you’re looking for.


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