Real Mama: Stephanie C.

Real Mama Stephanie is a mama after my own heart, finding her own version of the “perfect mama” while trying her best to be a healthy role model to her daughter, get healthy dinners on the table and remember to take care of herself on many levels. Most importantly, she shares what I feel is a very important message: motherhood is beautiful and life-changing, but it’s also hard work! “All who participate in birth, not just mothers, are affected by its power.”

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Jill of all trades, currently utilizing every skill and resource I have, to create an income for myself and maintain flexibility to be available to my daughter as much as possible.

While I am serious about living as healthy as possible, I am not perfect. I gave up trying to be the perfect eco-friendly, yoga goddess, healthy version of Martha Stewart a long time ago. I try not to give myself a hard time if I decide to use some spray paint in a DIY instead of No-VCO paint or I head to Chick-fil-A on a particularly hairy day to make life easier. I do the best I can, have high expectations for myself, but when I fall short I brush it off and keep on trying.

I am not the best cook, I am self -taught and still learning, but I care deeply about real food and figuring out the easiest and best way to get real food, healthy dinners on my table every night for my family. I want to nourish my family mind, body and spirit and cooking them good, healthy food is a way I show my love for them. My slow cooker freezer meal eCookbook has been a huge time saver for me, and I hope it has helped countless other mothers as well. My recipes are simple, healthy, and made from fresh, organic ingredients with an emphasis on local farmer’s market bounty. Of course, I incorporate freezer cooking into all my meals to make life easier.

I’m passionate about photography, all things handmade, story-telling, community building, eating organic, real foods, living a mindful, peaceful, healthy life and always trying to be a better person.

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Facilitator, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and Certified Doula. I was a Birthing From Within Mentor from 2005 to 2010. All these trainings and certifications have greatly influenced my life and parenting style.

What are your secrets to balancing your life as a work-at-home-mama and everything else you manage to fit into a day?

As much as we all want motherhood to be sunshine and roses all the time, the reality is that in between the beautiful and perfect moments, the majority of the time it is the most difficult thing in the world. Not just simply because of manual labor and the exhaustion involved, but because of the emotional upheaval that just comes with the territory. Birth profoundly changes people socially, spiritually and psychologically. All who participate in birth, not just mothers, are affected by its power. This change and tapping into this power can be incredibly scary and intimidating for women – whether they knew about it beforehand or not. I have a hard time, sometimes, when I am listening to messages from my intuition/higher self, or whatever you want to call it, deciding whether they are coming from a victim/fear place or healthy/whole place.

So sometimes it takes me a long time to act until I am clear. And when I am really unclear about what is going on, why I am feeling the way I am or why things are happening a certain way in my life, I make an appointment with an energy healer. A lot of energy healers are also intuitives or psychics and can give a little guidance on the situation.

I think it is really interesting, when you are going through some sort of Journey or Ordeal, you can see it manifested or playing out in multi-dimensional ways or layers in your life. It is ok to stand up for yourself, and say “this is not working for me” and do whatever you need to do to be happy, take care of yourself and make yourself more of a priority. There is a way to do that and still honor your children and be an attached and authentic parent.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

God, the Bible, and my husband.

What has been the best advice you’ve received as a mama?

Motherhood is a journey that has many ups and downs but is always fresh and new every day.

Are you the kind of mama you thought you’d be?

Are you kidding? No one has ever been the mama they thought they would be.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

To be like the Bionic Woman.

Was your birth experience all that you hoped it would be? If you could go back and change anything, what would it be?

Penelope arrived on 11.11.09 at 2:46a. I started labor at 7:30p on the 10th, so a 7 hour labor total. Not bad right? Well, if you count the three previous stints of labor that lasted about 6 hours each, it was a grand total 25 hours. Read Penelope’s birth story here.

It was a perfect and beautiful birth, just like I always hoped and dreamed. However, I would have given it all up to be able to breastfeed. I would have rather have had a cesarean and been completely under than to have breastfeeding taken from us. But Penelope is healthy and beautiful, and I love her more than anything else in this world.

Do you have a mama mantra or something you find yourself repeating over and over when times are tough?

I remember a conversation I had with a mentor of mine, a few years ago, when I was so burnt out from running the yoga studio. She gave me a breathing meditation, in which on each exhalation I was to send my breath back to myself and give myself some energy and love.


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