Lilah’s Enchanted Forest Nursery

I have seen many nurseries in my searches but Lilah’s enchanted forest always stands out in my mind! All of the elements came together perfectly for this whimsical haven!

When you found out you were having a girl, how did you decide what “theme” you wanted to go with for her nursery?

I guess in some ways I knew I was having a girl because all I could envision was a girl room even before we knew Lilah was a girl. I pictured white furniture and accents with purple walls. I went all out pink for my older daughter, Ryleigh’s nursery and wanted to have Lilah’s room be different.

I started searching Etsy for fabric and came across this adorable print by Michael Miller called “Pet Deer.” Once I had the fabric and the colors, I ran with it.

How did you make it all come together? Inspiration boards, all in your head?

I wish I was organized and computer savvy enough to do inspiration boards! Everything was mostly in my head. I started collecting fabrics and items from Goodwill. I was obsessed with her nursery so it was always on my mind for a while.

What were your main colors?

The main colors were orchid purple, white and brown with accents of green.

Where did you find most of the items in the room?

I am very proud to say that 95% of the items in her room were either handmade, upcycled or reused.

Lilah’s room truly was a family affair. We used the crib that I slept in as a baby (with some safety upgrades, of course), an old rocking chair that my father-in-law refurbished for us and a beautiful changing table that my very talented brother-in-law, Chad, made.

My mother-in-law and I made all of the bedding. I painted all of the accent frames and her letters. My husband and I painted the trees on the walls and he made the sweet cover that went over the electrical panel.

I got almost all the fabrics from Etsy. Most of the fabrics came from fancypantsfabrics and Minkyboutique; both were excellent to work with.

I bought all of the frames and wood accents from Michaels and/or Hobby Lobby. The letters came from craftyeddy. The vinyl graphic that went above Lilah’s crib, one of my favorite elements in the room, is a custom piece by Elephannie who is an absolute awesome vendor to work with.

Were you on a budget?

We absolutely were on a budget! We rent, so spending a lot of money on a room that we didn’t own didn’t make any sense. I believe our total cost came in around $350.

Any tips for moms on how to make their dream nursery come to reality?

You do not have to spend a fortune to make a fun and functional nursery for your baby. Also don’t sweat getting it done on time… most babies stay in their parents’ room for the first three months or so, anyhow.

What does Lilah (or you) love most about her room?

Well, unfortunately, we moved so Lilah no longer gets to enjoy her room but she loved the shelves. After she started to crawl and pull herself to a stand I took all of the non-baby proof stuff off the shelves and added more toys. She loved being able to reach her toys so easily and dumping stuff out. I loved the baskets because it made for easy clean up.

Did Ryleigh give any “input” on the room?

Big sister Ryleigh always gives her input and Lilah’s room was no exception!

She helped paint and pick out pictures for the frames. She helped pick out teddy bears and arranged the shelves. She was super excited for her baby sister but a bit jealous of her new, pretty room.


I think we can all agree that this room is a beautiful enchanted forest for Miriam’s little princess!

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  1. so cute! i love the purple deer!

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