American Girl Atlanta Store

On Sunday I planned a trip to the American Girl Store Bistro for my daughter Sidney’s 5th birthday.

I’m a party planner and I usually plan a big party for her, but this year I wanted to be low-key with planning a party. So we invited her older sisters, their little sister & her god-sister; we had a nice brunch and Sidney picked out a baby doll.

Sidney and her guests were very impressed with the whole layout of American Girl and the Bistro. As soon as we walked in, Sidney wanted every single doll she laid her eyes on.

The bigger dolls start at $110.00 and the baby dolls start at $55.00 and after that you can add-on packages and accessories. You also can buy matching clothes for the doll and for your little girl, so it can get a little pricey! Make sure you bring your credit card.

American Girl includes:

Bistro (Dining)
Doll Hair Salon
Private Birthday Packages

Lunch was $15.00 per person for older children and adults and $7.50 per child for children four years old or younger. I like that you had an option of one appetizer and then your main course plus a drink. The food was pretty good but I filled up on the appetizer alone (sweet potatoes fries), so I took a take-home bag filled with grilled salmon.

Sidney named her new baby doll Jordan. (just like her brother’s name!)


  • Very pretty inside and very girly
  • We were seated on time and promptly
  • Staff was very friendly and helpful
  • Food was tasty
  • Doll bodies are realistic and cute
  • Each doll comes with a story book
  • When dining, your dolls get a high chair and a place setting


  • Store area was very busy with people
  • Dolls are very pricey (starting at $55 or $110)
  • Matching outfit to look like your doll is $48.00
  • Furniture (such as a bath tub, a couch and chair) was very expensive. There was a car for $300.

We would definitely go back on special occasions or maybe every six to eight months, due to the dolls being so highly priced.

I would recommend the Atlanta American Girl store to any one that has a little girly-girl who is into dolls. There were so many girls shopping for new clothes for their dolls and some girls had two or three they already owned. Too cute!

Location: North Point Mall, 1202 North Point Circle, Alpharetta, GA 30022

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