Apple Cheeks Diapers Giveaway

Many of my friends thought I was totally crazy when I told them I was doing cloth diapers.

They saw it as an inconvenience and waste of money, but I saw it another way. I saw that I was saving our world by not adding 8-12 diapers per day to the landfill. I also didn’t like the idea of a disposable diaper sitting against my baby’s skin. Finally, the amount of money you save with cloth diapers is huge!

I was so overwhelmed by the variety of cloth diapers on the market: pockets, AIO (all-in-ones), prefolds… it was enough to make this girl’s head spin!

I was told about Apple Cheeks from a good friend of mine. Since that conversation, I have never looked at another diaper. Apple Cheeks diapers are all I need and all I want for my little ones.

Apple Cheeks are a reusable cloth diaper, manufactured and created by a few mamas in Eastern Canada.

These uniquely designed diapers are a two-step diaper system. Size one fits babies from 7-20 lbs and size two fits babies from 18-40 lbs.

Apple Cheeks are a pocket style diaper with snaps for closure. The diaper is lined with soft micro fleece. The insert is inserted into the diaper through an opening in the middle of the diaper. You can also lay your liner inside the diaper if you prefer to use it as a cover.

One special feature about these diapers is they unstuff themselves in the washing machine. No need to pull the insert out before placing it in the wash.

My thoughts:

I love them!

They have fit James since he was three days old and weighed only 8 lbs. He is now 12 months old, 20 lbs and still wearing the size ones.

Size one on the left, size two on the right

We have had a few blow-outs along the way, as we figured out how to get the fit right, but now it is smooth sailing.

I really like how well they fit James around his thighs and his belly.

One of my favorite features is how trim they are. James never has the “cloth diaper bum” that so many talk about. Many cloth diapers have too much bulk and often require children to wear pants a size up. He can fit his pants with no problems.

I also like that they use snaps. We have been gifted a few cloth diapers that use Velcro; James has figured out how to undo the Velcro! He can’t take his Apple Cheeks off though, believe me— he has tried!

I consider Apple Cheeks to be a premium cloth diaper.

They do cost a little more than other brands but they are completely worth it!

Not only is the product top notch, but so is the customer service.

During my diaper prep, I lost a snap in the washing machine. I contacted Apple Cheeks, sent them the diaper, they fixed it. They even sent me a check to refund for the shipping I paid to send it to them!

I had purchased a few cheaper diapers to try them out and have since thrown them away because the snaps busted off — I found that other companies did not offer any kind of warranty on the diapers.

Where I got it: Cozy Bums
How much I paid: $18.95 (CAD) for the diaper, $10.60 per 3 layer bamboo insert. They had a baker’s dozen special running when I ordered them so got 13 for the price of 12. I also got free shipping with a min $100 purchase.
Average retail price: $18.95-$20 per diaper, inserts extra.
Where it is available: Amazon, Cozy Bums, My Lil Sweet Pea

My Lil Sweet Pea has offered our readers a 10% discount on every order using the code MAMASAY10.

Want to win one?
Apple Cheeks has graciously donated a diaper cover and an insert. The winner will get to choose from a variety of fabulous colors and prints.

How to enter:
The first 3 entries are mandatory — like Mama Say What?! and Apple Cheeks Diapers on Facebook and share this post as your Facebook status. Once these entries are complete, you will then be able to complete the additional entries. Complete more entries for more chances to win!

The giveaway ends Wednesday, August 22, at 12:01 a.m. EST. Open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

Good luck!
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12 Responses to Apple Cheeks Diapers Giveaway

  1. I love this company and that they are made in my hometown!!

  2. Love these diapers too! (and its because of you talking about them Danica, after james was born!)

  3. I LOVE Cozy Bums. It’s where 99% of my stash comes from. :-)

  4. Love Apple Cheeks!

  5. i enjoyed your blog post on the ju ju be be all. i love jjb diaper bags.

  6. I love AppleCheeks! One of the best cloth diapering brands I’ve found!

  7. I love your blog on the diaper bags!! would love to win one of those

    :) AmandaN

  8. I love my Apple Cheeks diapers. I’m so sad that my son is outgrowing them!

  9. I would love to try some Apple Cheeks diapers! Maybe when I get pregnant again I can justify the purchase lol!

  10. I <3 <3 <3 my Apple Cheeks diaper…. I only have one but it's a gem!

  11. Great review! Love Applecheeks!

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