I am one of those mamas who stocked up on a million diaper rash creams thinking “babies get diaper rashes all the time.”

I wanted to be prepared.

When my son got his one and only diaper rash at 11.5 months, I was pretty much out of stock since I had given all my tubes away to friends and as gifts at baby showers by that point.

My little one’s rash came with a vengeance, it was peeling and practically bleeding within two days, every time we would change his diaper he would scream and cry in pain. Changing a diaper literally became a two parent job, for each and every change.

I was using Butt Paste, you know the one everyone raves about… I thought, “Hell! If everyone likes this stuff its gotta work.”

I think it made it worse… by day three we were chapped and even the slightest touch would set my baby boy on fire.

While visiting a friend who just had a baby, another friend of mine suggested trying Aquaphor. She swore by and it said it would heal him right up. That night I went out and bought a big tube of it.

Within three uses, his diaper rash was clearing up. We also went sans wipes for a couple days until he healed and only used warm damp wash cloths, but I swear with the Aquaphor and a little Desitin… that rash was history.

Aquaphor is different from other creams as its not even really a “cream”… its more of a ointment. The first time I squeezed it out I was actually somewhat shocked at what it looked like but I was so desperate for something to make him feel better I just slathered it all over his little butt.

It’s clear, not sticky and didn’t coat his skin in white. Even when it was spread all over the rash I could still see the areas that needed the most attention.

Aquaphor is also scentless, unlike many other diaper rash creams.

I was a little taken aback by the price for the amount you get but after using it, I totally see why its so pricey: it works almost immediately.

The only draw back to Aquaphor is that there is no zinc included so you may need to use it in conjunction with something like Desitin to block the moisture.

I will never even try Butt Paste again on him or any of my future babies. Aquaphor all the way!


Where I bought mine:  Bloom Grocery Store
What I paid: $14
Average price range: $6-14, depending on the size
Where it is available: Amazon, Babies R Us, Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart


6 Responses to Aquaphor

  1. I need to get Aquaphor! I agree that I am not a fan of butt paste at all!

  2. Aquaphor is the best. I have 17 grandkids and 3 of the boys had eczema from a very young age. The Aquaphor is the only thing that soothed them, my daughters would cover them with it out of the bath and it calmed the irritation incredibly well. One of the poor boys had it all over his little face. I love this stuff and I use it myself for my cracked heels. Slather it on and throw on a pair of socks overnight. What a difference!

  3. Great Idea Gramma of 17! Will have to try that myself! :)

  4. I love aquaphor! We use it on Lilah’s face when she gets rash from drooling!

  5. I could have written this review myself! Aquaphor works wonders and Butt Paste makes it worse! I threw away the Butt Paste.

  6. I agree, Gramma of 1ī. My son has eczema and aquaphor works great for his breakouts. Also good on scrapes, cuts and fresh tattoos :)

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