Baby Trend Monkey Play Yard

We got the Baby Trend Monkey Around Play Yard as a gift at my baby shower. I used it for my daughter from the time she was born until she was about 21 months old.

This play yard has a bassinet insert for your newborn, a flip away changing table, a wind-up mobile and a storage tote that hangs off the side for diapers and wipes.

When my daughter was first born, we kept this play yard set up in the family room 24-7 and it was perfect for naps and down time.

The changing table and storage tote also came in handy because her changing table was upstairs in her room. This gave us a changing table on the first floor without taking up the same space as a traditional changing table. For the first couple of months, I loved this play yard, I loved the functionality of the features and I loved the design.

As my daughter got older, we only needed it if she was going to sleep in it at someone else’s house. This is when my opinions changed for this play yard. No matter how many times I practiced putting it up and down, I could never get it done in one try. I have no idea what the problem is, but where the sides fold into themselves, it has to lock twice and I can never get it to lock until I fight with it for at least five minutes.

Where I bought my model: It was bought off my registry at Babies ‘R Us
What I paid: it was a gift
Average price:  $79.98-$190
Where it is available:
 Babies ‘R Us, Amazon


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