Boppy Pillow

When I am asked what the most useful baby item for my son when he was a newborn was, I don’t have to think hard.

The first thing that comes to my mind is my Boppy Pillow!

I believe every new parent has that “one thing they could not live without.” The Boppy was mine!

My son would nurse all day long. He would fall asleep nursing and wake up hungry because he didn’t have enough to eat before falling asleep. He would be on my breast constantly, and our Boppy Pillow made our “all day long” nursing a little more comfortable.

I have wondered if I would have succeeded with breastfeeding if I didn’t have my Boppy. Having him on a pillow allowed him to be properly laid down for feeding while I had my hands (almost) free to read a book or use my iPad.

As my son grew, the Boppy grew with him. We used it for support during tummy time as well as to support him while he was learning to sit up. He loved gazing at the colorful cover we had, too.

Although it’s not listed in the manufacturer’s description, my husband also used it as a neck pillow while he was feeding Enzo with a bottle! It is so comfortable.

The Boppy was once again very useful when we traveled to Brazil when Enzo was seven months old. He was too big to fit in the airplane crib. I brought our Boppy with us, which helped him to sleep with some comfort during the nine-hour-flight, and I was able to rest my arms and have my hands free during the time he was sleeping.

Here are some other things I like about our Boppy:

  • The midsection stretches to accommodate all sizes.
  • We have had our Boppy Pillow for more than a year now and it’s still just as firm and holding it’s shape well.
  • The pillow and it’s cover can be machine washed and tumbled dry, which is totally necessary in my opinion.

We absolutely love our Boppy and would recommend this product to any nursing mama!

Where I bought mine: Buy Buy Baby
What I paid: It was a gift from our baby shower!
Average price range: $26 - $60 depending on the cover and material
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Babies ‘R Us

Guest Mama Fernanda was born and raised in Brazil, there she met the love of her life. They moved to the U.S. in 2004, and now they live in NJ with their son, Enzo who keeps their life busy and very entertained. Being a mom is the job she enjoys the most, but besides being a mama and wife she works full time for a bank, and is also opening her own business, an online baking shop. She loves to cook and creating new recipes, especially now that Enzo is exploring the food world. She also enjoys photography, arts and crafts, and its always engaged in a DIY project for her house and family. This mama really knows how to keep herself busy.

7 Responses to Boppy Pillow

  1. I love my Boppy too!

  2. Ditto lindsay, boppy is def on my must have list

  3. My Boppy was a lifesaver for too in the early nursing days!

  4. We owned 3 boppys! One for his room, one for the living room and we kept one in the car to travel with.

  5. I used our Boppy daily for at least 13 months! DD is 15 months now, and we still use it at least a few times a week, either for nursing or she’ll just lay on it as a relaxing pillow for reading. :)

  6. Need to add one of these to my registry!

  7. I’m going out TODAY and getting a Boppy pillow cover to bring to the hospital on Monday. That’s the day of my c section. My breech baby boy will be here soon!

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