Bumbo Baby Seat

Newborn babies don’t do much except sleep (we all hope!), eat and poop. And they of course, love to be held.

You might have a crib sleeper or a co-sleeper, but as your little one gets older and is awake more during the day, you’re going to want something that they can sit or play in when they’re not snoozing.

There are many choices including swings, playmats, bouncy seats and Bumbo baby seats.

Bumbo baby seats are positional chairs for infants to sit in. It gives them an upright view of the world, instead of always being on their tummy or back, and allows them to work on their neck control.

Some also come with a removable tray so it can double as a high chair.

If you just had or are expecting a little one, you might have seen or heard of a Bumbo baby seat.

This was one of those items where, when we found out we were expecting and starting to look at registries, I had read both good and bad reviews and wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money buying a Bumbo baby seat brand new.

Would my Little Man like it? Will it be worth the money? How often will he sit in it? Do babies really tip over in them if their mama or dad is not keeping a careful eye over them? (Unfortunately, it seems that it’s possible).

After considering all of those questions, and because I am a money-saving, penny-pinching mama, I decided I would get one, but only if I could find it used.

So to Craigslist I went and found a green one (perfect for a boy or a girl) for only $10 and I happily spent the money.

The Good: Bumbo baby seats are small and don’t take up much space. And if you have a little one, you know that this is a HUGE bonus!

They come in several colors, including rose pink, lilac, aqua, blue, lime and yellow.

As mentioned above, some come with a tray that can snap on and off.

Bumbos are made of hard foam and are relatively inexpensive. They are available at many stores that sell baby items and accessories. The average price for a Bumbo baby seat is around $40.

The Bad: Babies sit on their bottoms and their legs go through leg openings of the chair and dangle on the floor. But if your child is like mine and has some serious thunder thighs, then the Bumbo might be too constricting around their legs.

Little Man only sat in his about two times and wasn’t very happy in it either time.

Though I didn’t purchase the removable tray, I’ve read in several reviews that the tray doesn’t snap on securely or is difficult to snap on. When it is on, it’s difficult to remove.

The Overall: I’m extremely glad that this was a baby item that I did not pay full price for because we only used it a couple of times.

It really just took up space (though not a lot, thankfully) and became a chew toy for my cats.

I would not recommend it for chubby babies with big legs or little ones that don’t have good neck control. If you do get one, make sure you supervise your child because some babies have tipped over when sitting in it!

Mamas say MEH.

Where I bought my model: Craigslist
What I paid: $10
Average price range: $40
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us

On August 15, 2012 the Bumbo Baby Seat was recalled. You can get more information on the recall here.


By MaryEllen M.

Mary Ellen lives in upstate New York with her hubby Chris and her two little men Brody (born December 2010) and Kieran (born March 2013). She teaches in an elementary school and loves being a working mom! In her spare time, she likes to be crafy, take pictures, cut coupons, cook and watch crappy reality TV and reruns of Law and Order SVU. She is so grateful for the love and support of her family, friends, and of course, her PB Mamas. You can find more blog posts by Mary Ellen in the "Real Life" and "Real Reviews" categories.

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3 Responses to Bumbo Baby Seat

  1. Great review!
    When our son was able to sit assisted, we headed to Babies R Us to check out the Bumbo. We sat him in it and well, while it did support him sitting, the leg holes were too small for his chunky thighs. Next to the Bumbo they had the Mamas and Papas seat. While it is a bit pricier, it was perfect. It’s 3 pieces, a white plastic seat, white detachable tray and a green or pink removable insert (similar to the material of the Bumbo). The green insert is perfect for when they’re just starting out. As baby gets bigger just remove the insert and he can still use it. The leg space is wider. Love that it already comes with a tray.
    A bit pricier yes, but it lasts you longer.

  2. We had similar feelings about the Bumbo. Meh. We borrowed one from a friend and maybe used it half a dozen times. Our son’s thighs fit alright, but he hunched over in it, uncomfortably. It just wasn’t all that useful to us.

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