Coach Baby Bag

I’ll admit it: pre-pregnancy, I was a Coach fanatic. You know, when I actually had the time to dress myself in a really cute outfit and pick out a stylish coordinating designer purse to go with it.

So when I found myself pregnant and researching diaper bags, I was thrilled to come across a designer diaper bag made by Coach.

I did my research and read reviews, compared features and price tags. Once I decided that I did, indeed, want a Coach diaper bag, I tried to find the best deal I could on the bag— I could not justify spending $300 on a bag that was likely to get spit up on, peed and pooped on.

My husband and I took a quick (okay, fairly long) drive out to an outlet mall to buy the bag. Luckily for me, the bag was already on clearance at the store— what a great surprise. Even luckier, I had a 40% off coupon.

Coach makes 14 different diaper bags, called Designer Baby Bags. I chose the Coach Signature Pink Stripe Baby Bag.

The bag is wonderful! It definitely has its cons, but it also has its perks.


  • It has a lot of space without being bulky and huge. There are two outside pockets; one that is open and another that zips closed. There are tons of inside pockets, including three elastic-banded pockets for bottles and sippy cups, a cell phone pocket and another pocket that zips for important items mama wants to keep safe.

  • It has handles as well as an optional cross-body strap. The handles are a good length— about nine inches long— to fit comfortably on my shoulder. The cross-body strap is the best though, in my opinion. It allows me to comfortably wear the bag with my hands full without it getting in the way. Because it is adjustable, I can also hang it over the handlebars of my stroller and not have to worry about carrying it at all.
  • The inside of the bag is all wipe-able fabric, so you don’t have to worry about a little spill when you’re on the go.
  • I’ve been using this bag fairly regularly for eleven months now, and it still looks brand new. There are no rips, scratches or tears, and trust me— I’m generally not easy on this bag. It’s definitely durable and high quality.
  • The bag has a zipper closure so you don’t have to worry about the bag toppling over and everything falling out.
  • It comes with a foldable (matching!) changing pad.
  • It is ridiculously cute and stylish. My version has the Coach signature pattern in brown and pink leather and fabric accents.

  • Most importantly for me, it doesn’t look like a bulky diaper bag. It looks just like a cute tote where I happen to keep my baby’s things.


  • Yes, it comes with a changing pad, but the changing pad is honestly not that awesome. It’s kind of thin and floppy and most of the time, I prefer not to use it. Also, it is easily accessible on the go, but when the bag is full, it’s practically impossible to get the changing pad back into the bag.
  • The two small outside pockets under the straps are useless because in order to fit things in or take them out, you can’t have much inside the bag.
  • The inner pocket divider is collapsible, which isn’t a great feature because it gets pressed down when you put things into the bag, thereby turning the bag into a big pit that tends to swallow up everything inside of it. Because of this, the bag can get bulky if you aren’t super organized.
  • When the bag is full, it can be difficult to use the handles. On many occasions, I’ve had to use the cross-body strap for comfort and ease of use, even when I hadn’t planned on it.
  • Finally, the biggest con to me is the price. While I do think this bag was worth what I paid for it on sale and with a coupon, I don’t think it is worth the full retail price of $300. Mamas, if you can get it cheaper, then I totally recommend it. If not, I’d pass it up for a more affordable bag.

A tip for mamas considering buying this bag: When I bought the bag, the salesperson convinced me that I should buy the Coach Fabric Cleaner for cleaning up the outside of the bag. I’ve found that a washcloth with warm water and a dab of soap works just as well and is much cheaper and more practical.

Overall, I really love this diaper bag and I plan to use it for years.

Where I bought my model: Coach outlet store in Ellenton Premium Outlets
What I paid: $160 (The bag was on sale and I used a coupon).
Average price range: $298-398
Where it is available: Coach stores, Coach outlet stores, select Macy’s and Dillards,

3 Responses to Coach Baby Bag

  1. Where did you find the coupon, and also are there any other bags you found comparable to the Coach brand? I’d like quality but I have to buy diapers nowadays.

  2. Thanks for this review! I love Coach, but I also like affordability and quality. I decided several weeks ago I wanted a Coach diaper bag and actually found one on Craigslist in great condition for $135! So for that price and the quality, I now 100% feel like I made the right decision. I am getting the black/gray!

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