Evenflo Johnny Jump Up

When I was a little kid, my parents had a Johnny Jump Up for my little brother and I distinctly remember thinking, “Man! That looks like fun!” But I was too big for it and sulked in the hallway as I watched my little brother, and then my little sister, giggle away while bouncing up and down in MY bedroom doorway.

Cut to a few years ago when my son was about four months old. I knew he would love a Johnny Jump Up, but I asked myself, “Are they still around?” I had no idea who manufactured the one my parents had.

All I had seen at Babies ‘R Us were the free-standing Exersaucers and Jumperoos. We lived in a really small house and we just didn’t have the floor space for one of those big gadgets.

We had a perfect doorway for a doorway jumper; separating our kitchen and living room. It was about eight feet wide and had sturdy molding.

A quick search on Amazon answered my question. A few companies made doorway jumpers, but I didn’t want one that had any gadgets or toys attached to it— I just wanted a jumper.

I immediately ordered an Evenflo Johnny Jump Up in their blue and green frog motif, thrilled that they were still around.

When it arrived, we set it up right away. I was impressed with the construction of the big clamp that grips the top of the doorway.

You definitely need a doorway that has a molding at the top. It’s a strong clamp, but it’s going to slide off if there’s no molding.

At first, TJ was a little too short to use it without some extra padding at the bottom. He had the neck and head strength for it, but the top bar ended up resting right at his neck. He would rest his neck on the bar and make himself cough. A rolled up receiving blanket under his butt kept him at a better level so long as he kept his arms up and outside the bars, but he almost always brought his arms back inside though and would, again, rest his neck on the top bar. It wasn’t hurting him, but it made his mama worry.

He was never left alone in his Johnny Jump Up (no baby should be!) so it really wasn’t a huge issue.

He ADORED jumping in his jumper until he was about six and a half months old. Since it hung in our kitchen doorway, I could put him in the jumper while I cooked dinner. I’d put on some music and dance and sing and he would jump and spin around, giggling at his mama.

For a baby who only wanted to sleep ON his mama, this was a wonderful arrangement.

The only con I could think of is that I wish the spring mechanism was quieter. It was pretty noisy when my son was bouncing a ton.

Once he started crawling, he lost interest in being confined to the jumper. I was really happy having only spent $20 on an item that we only used for a few month— it was a few months of fun.

Where I bought mine: Amazon
What I paid: $19.99
Average price range: $19.99 - $29.99
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Walmart

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