Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper

When we found out we were expecting, we had just moved into a two-bedroom apartment. It was big enough for the two of us, but that was before we started bringing in all of the baby stuff.

When it came time to choose a bassinet, we had no idea what we would do.

We planned on getting a simple pack and play with a bassinet feature, but when we tried to fit it into our bedroom between the bed and the wall, it left no room for me to actually get out of the bed except for the climbing over the end of the bed which wasn’t an option after having a c-section.

We needed something smaller, but I still couldn’t justify purchasing an actual bassinet.

Then, while going through baby magazines, I found the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper.

It was cute, small, folded up and seemed perfect. Of course, I did my research before adding it to my registry —at that time it was pretty new to the market. I found a lot of good product reviews and decided to add it to our registry. At that time, there weren’t any color options other than yellow. Now, I see there are a few more color choices available. I probably still would have stuck with yellow, though, because of it being neutral and we haven’t planned on this baby being our only child.

We were excited to receive this at our baby shower and immediately put it together to see just how it worked. It was very simple to put together, unlike some of the other baby gear we had received.

It’s also very lightweight— weighing in at about ten lbs. It has an inclined seat that was perfect for my daughter, who had reflux. We had to keep her upright for at least 30 minutes after eating, but even after doing so she was still known for occasionally spitting up later on, therefore keeping her in this seat helped.

The fabric is soft and breathable, not to mention easy to clean when there was the occasional accident.

Another feature we like is the three-point harness system which ensures that your little one stays in his/her seat securely. The one we got also came with a cute little yellow bunny rattle toy.

When Emma was born, we really got to see how it worked. It was fantastic in that that it fit right next to our bed and I still had room to get out. It was a little low, though, but maybe it’s because we have a very high bed. Being five-foot-nothin’, I normally have to climb or jump to get in it! But, if Emma woke during the night, I could easily reach over and just rock her right back to sleep.

It was also convenient to move from one room to another for nap-time, so that I could have her by me if I had something else to do. It conveniently folds up and we took it to the grandparents’ houses for visits. It fit easily into the trunk of our Chevrolet Cruze without taking up too much space. It also folds up great for storage when not in use and you can easily slide it behind a door or pack it away in a closet.

I was kind of upset when our daughter finally outgrew it. It’s now being stored in our home, but we will be able to put it to use again this coming November.

I definitely recommend this product to all of my friends who are expecting. There’s nothing better than space savers and convenience when it comes to baby gear — especially since you realize how much stuff you really need to keep your little one happy!


Where I bought my model: It was a gift, but purchased at Toys R Us.
What I paid: I received it as a gift, so I’m not exactly sure how much it was.
Average price range: I’ve seen them for anywhere between $50 - $70.
Where it is available: Amazon, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Walmart, Target,

By Sam A.

Samantha is the mama of two - Emma (born January, 2011) and Matthew (born November, 2012)! She is happily married, and living in Northern Ohio. When she's not working her full-time job or spending time with her family, she loves photography, crafting and DIY projects.

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4 Responses to Fisher-Price Rock n Play Sleeper

  1. OMG - got this for my little guy and it was a lifesaver- easy to move around one handed, and baby loved to sleep in it- would definitely recommend this product!!!

  2. I just bought one for baby #2 on the way. I was looking for something that could easily be transported from our room to the living room… i am glad to see your comments.

  3. I have heard these are a lifesaver for MANY families!!

  4. We found this by accident wandering through babies r us one day and it was a life saver for us!!

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