Ju-Ju-Be “Be All” Diaper Bag

 This diaper bag is one of two that I use. I got it for a pretty good deal on a half-off site, otherwise I would have never forked out the money to pay full price for this bag!

Since I am a cloth diapering mom, I tend to look for larger bags as I need the extra room for bringing along cloth diapers. I read some reviews and since it is more the typical shape (rectangular), I wanted this bag in order to be able to more efficiently store things in my diaper bag, and not have everything all smushed up or overflowing.

When I pack up my diaper bag to be gone for a few hours, I usually take the following with me:

  • three to four cloth diapers
  • 10 cloth wipes
  • one disposable diaper
  • package of disposable wipes
  • spray bottle of cloth wipe spray
  • a change of clothes in a plastic bag
  • wet bag
  • bottle of water for me
  • sippy of water for Anna
  • toys and books for Anna
  • changing pad
  • wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, chapstick for me
  • hat and bib for Anna
  • sunblock
  • diaper cream
  • Benadryl
  • bags for disposable diapers/wipes
  • hand sanitizer
I am easily able to store all of these things in this bag.

The wonderful thing about this diaper bag is that it has a ton of pockets and lots of places to store my items.

The changing pad that comes with it is a nice memory foam, and great for babies. It has an incredibly strong magnet closure in order to ensure the flap stays sealed.

I am not 100% happy with the print I got (Champagne Bubbles), but there weren’t many options available on the half-off site I purchased it from.

Within a few days of making my diaper bag purchase, I also got the matching “Be Rich” wallet and “Be Quick” diaper bag.

If I could go back and change it, I probably would not purchase this item again, and I certainly would never buy it at full retail.

It isn’t to say that I am dissatisfied with the item, it is a good diaper bag. I feel that I made a spur of the moment purchase on a “want” and not a “need”.

If you are a cloth diapering mama looking for something that will hold your diapers, this will do a decent job. But, I do think there are better options out there.

Where I bought my model: Baby Steals
What I paid: $60
Average price range: $100-150
Where it is available: Amazon and other various online retailers


6 Responses to Ju-Ju-Be “Be All” Diaper Bag

  1. Great review! looks like a great diaper bag!

  2. haha i thought that print looked like it was from babysteals. i heart babysteals. i don’t have a be all but i have a packabe and a bp which i love. thanks for showing how much you fit in the be all. i could never really tell how big it really was inside.

  3. Thanks for such an honest review. Totally awesome that ALL of those items fit!

  4. You mention there are better options out there, what other options are you talking about? I’ve been torn between which diaper bag to get and would love to know your thoughts :)

    • I guess I can’t say from experience that there is a better bag since I only own two. Well, technically I own four and only use two haha! I think for me because I usually have cloth diapers in my diaper bag, I would like something a bit larger. If I only carried disposables it wouldn’t be as big of a deal.

      The seams are coming apart a bit, I think because I pack the bag so tightly.

  5. I need a new bigger bag, may this one is it.

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