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I honestly felt a little funny writing a review for something as simple as a night light; especially one I bought for $25. But after some thought, I decided it was definitely worth reviewing.

Right after our son was born, we received a similar night light manufactured by a different company as a gift. It was fantastic for all the same reasons I will describe below. Almost nine months later, it just stopped working. No visible damage, it was never dropped, no contact with water (or drool), and we have no idea what happened to it.

We had become quite dependent on this light, so I went onto Amazon to get a replacement. I had planned on simply replacing the one we had. But after reading review after review stating that others had randomly stopped working after three months, five months, six months, I realized we were lucky to have had nine months with it. I decided to look at another brand.

That’s when I found the KinderGlo Night Lights.

We purchased the quarter moon light; they also have a bunch of adorable shapes, including an elephant, owl, hippo, moose, bear, two different dinosaurs and an angel.

We fell in love with the colors, it’s portability, and how convenient it was. We could put the light anywhere in the room; we weren’t restricted by placing it only near an outlet.

This light isn’t your typical night light. It’s an LED light within a smooth, plastic body. The light is charged from a base that plugs into the wall.

Ours has a battery life of approximately twelve hours before we start to see it fade. It can be set to one of four color settings (red, green, blue, or multi-color) and it can be set to fade to dark within thirty minutes or stay on indefinitely. All of this is very simply done with only one little button at the bottom that is very easy to figure out.

The colored lights are wonderful at giving you enough light to see what you’re doing at night without being so bright that it keeps you or your little one awake. I could (and still can) easily change a diaper in the middle of the night or find a lost pacifier with this light. I can also sleep when it’s in my room.

I love that the night light is a smooth shape and I felt comfortable letting my son play with it in his crib as young as nine months old. He was soothed by the soft light and the smiling face. I wish there had been an easy way to snap a photo of him sound asleep snuggled next to his beloved light.

Even now, at nearly three years old, he has a hard time sleeping if his night light isn’t in the room. So when we travel, we just bring it with us. Even flying dozens of times with the night light in my checked suitcase, with changes in air pressure, altitude and temperature, the night light is showing no signs of slowing down.

I can’t recommend it enough!

Where I bought my model: Amazon
What I paid: $24.95
Average price range: $22.95 - $24.95
Where it is available: Amazon, Babies ‘R Us and KinderGlo

Giveaway time! KinderGlo has generously donated one night light to a lucky winner. To enter, please follow the entries below in the Rafflecopter App. Please note, if both mandatory entries are not completed, your entry will be disqualified.

***Winner: Rebecca T.*** Congrats, Rebecca! Please email to claim your prize.
Thanks to all who entered!

KinderGlo is also offering free shipping to Mama Say What?! readers when you purchase a night light from their website. Just enter MAMASAYWHATFREESHIP at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

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10 Responses to KinderGlo Night Light Giveaway

  1. That looks like a fantastic light!

  2. We have the hippo kinderglo night light. One of the best baby products.. we use it every day and it provides a ton of entertainment for baby..

  3. My favorite is the moon. It’s my daughter’s middle name so it’s perfect for her, on top of being super cute!

  4. awesome review! I am so glad this review was written! without it I would have never known this product existed, it works perfect for my daughter!

  5. We have this same nightlight (thanks to your recommendation) and N LOVES it. Like obsessed. It’s become one of his “lovies.” Thanks for this awesome review of it!

  6. I love all the reviews as well as the real birth stories - great insight from real moms!

  7. I love this light and I seriously keep forgetting to order it. My LO will stroll right into a pitch black room but I kind of want one for me. ;)

  8. just please set it to go off! My eye doctor explained that kids sleeping with lights in their rooms become near-sighted because their pupils are never free to fully dialate, causing fluid to build up & exert the tinyest amount of pressure, which over time warps the eye shape. So please do NOT let your kids sleep all night with a light on, especially not literally right in their faces! :)

  9. (if you think about it, it’s not “natural” to have mich light in sleeping quarters- since for thousands of years the only sources of light after dark were the moon, stars & fire, none of which can really be snuggled.)

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