LeapFrog Lettersaurus

My daughter absolutely loves her LeapFrog Lettersaurus. It’s one of the few toys that has a permanent place in our living room and doesn’t go into the toy box.

It was a gift from a friend for her first birthday and it is now one of her favorite toys— she plays with it every day without fail. C is already very musically oriented; she loves to sing and dance and the Lettersaurus really encourages her to shake her booty.

Like most LeapFrog toys, the Lettersaurus is aimed to educate your child while she plays. There are three settings on the purple and green dinosaur: music, letters and colors.

At 14 months old, C only really cares about the toy when it’s on the music setting. If it’s on a different setting, she generally ignores it after playing only for a moment or so. Maybe she’ll be more interested in the letters or colors when she’s a bit older, though.

There are 26 colorful buttons lining the dinosaur’s back. Each button has a different letter of the alphabet on it.

When on the music setting, each button plays the tune to a different song. On the letters setting, the dinosaur will tell your child which letter she pushed, what sound that letter makes and what word starts with that letter. On the color setting, the dinosaur will tell your child which color button she pushed.

The dinosaur also has a big blue button on the top of it’s head. In any setting, pressing this button will play the ABC song.

A pretty cool feature of the Lettersaurus is its ability to ‘learn’ the first letter of your child’s name. So when C presses the green ‘c’ button, it tells her, “C! That’s the first letter of your name!”

I also love that this toy has a volume button. You can set the volume to low or high. The sound comes out of a speaker on the back of the dinosaur’s head and the head swivels.

Overall, the Lettersaurus keeps C engaged and entertained. It doesn’t get annoying for mama, which, in my opinion, is really saying something about a toy that plays kids’ songs over and over.

While there are plenty of pros to this toy, neither my husband nor I have any complaints about it at all.

One interesting thing about this toy, though, is that on the letters setting it will tell your child “X! Exit!” This confused me at first, and in looking on the LeapFrog website, it is explained that the toy is aimed to teach phonetics and because there aren’t any words in English that both start with the letter ‘x’ and use the ‘ex’ sound, the word ‘exit’ is the best choice to teach children the sound of the letter. This is fine with me, though I’ve read complaints from other parents online.

It is possible to connect your Lettersaurus toy to the LeapFrog Learning Path software, like many other LeapFrog toys. However, the software really isn’t very easy to use, and in my opinion not worth the time and hassle to connect the toy.

I would absolutely recommend the LeapFrog Lettersaurus to friends with babies, and would not hesitate to buy this toy as a first birthday present for another lucky little kid!

Where I bought my model: It was a birthday gift
What I paid: Gift
Average price range: $17-$35
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Sears, Toys R Us

6 Responses to LeapFrog Lettersaurus

  1. My daughter loves this toy too! It’s batteries are dead right now so it’s hidden and she looks for it all the time. I keep forgetting to pick some up :(

  2. Same thing with my daughter. The dinosaur, whom she has named Bert, was given to her for her first birthday and she loves the music setting and it singing the alphabet. She will walk over and push the top button to make it sing the alphabet probably 15 times a day and then will have it play other songs too. She is pretty quick to turn it off of the letters or color settings at this point. At 15 months she pretty much only cares about the music and the alphabet song which is her all time favorite song. We hadn’t wanted any toys with batteries for her, but we have kept this one and she loves it.

  3. I have just bought this for my nephew and while my wife and i were `testing` it for him we noticed a small rattle in the head button. Does yours have this please? (My wife is really worried it’s faulty)

    • Mine doesn’t have anything that moves or makes sound inside the button on it’s head, Mark! Maybe you can bring it back to where you bought it for an exchange, or write to LeapFrog? In my experience, LeapFrog has decent customer service.

  4. I might have to get this for baby #2

  5. Such a cute dinosaur! And I love Leap Frog toys.

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