Luv U Zoo Musical Mobile Gym

When P was about two or three months old, I went in search for an activity mat.

He was at the point where he was awake for longer periods of time, and I wanted some place for him to have tummy time as well as a mat where he could safely play.

After looking (for what seemed like forever), I decided on the Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym.

It is a slightly padded cloth mat with three legs that attach to a mobile.

The mobile has a toy that turns and has lights that flash (either the mobile or the lights can be on, but not both at the same time).

It plays music at a couple of different volumes and includes a couple of toys to hang from the legs and a small elephant shaped pillow for tummy time.

We previously had a tummy time mat that had a small water filled pillow with plastic fish in it, but P hated that mat so I needed a replacement that would hold his attention for longer than five seconds.

P loved this mat! He would stare at the mobile/lights and swat at the toys. He even rolled from front to back for the first time while on the Luv U Zoo Deluxe Musical Mobile Gym.

I like that the mat portion is washable. It was washed frequently because of dog hair and slobber, plus baby spit-up and drool, and it held up extremely well.

I also never had problems with him flipping it over on top of him, which was a problem with some other gyms that my friends had. A couple of toys did bite the dust thanks to the dog, but the mat and frame were still in great condition when we finally put it away.

We got a lot of use out of this mat, and I would recommend it.

Where I bought mine: Toys R Us
What I paid: about $45
Average price range: $45-$60
Where it is available: Amazon, Toys R Us

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  1. My daughter loved hers too! Especially when we placed it next to a mirror. Even when she got older she liked to turn on the music while she played around the room.

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