My Pal Violet and Scout

My Pal Violet is a stuffed puppy made by LeapFrog that allows you to personalize music, songs and games.

Each paw does a different thing when you squeeze it.

You can personalize it by hooking it up to your computer and choosing songs as well as your child’s favorite food, favorite color, favorite animal and other options.

My Pal Violet has been a life saver for us. We put Alexis down to bed every night with Violet playing ten minutes of bed time music and she falls asleep in no time.

If she wakes up in the middle of the night, or even super early in the morning, she will entertain herself for a while with Violet. She also runs around all day squeezing Violet’s paws and playing music.

I have Violet’s tunes stuck in my head as I am writing this, “Let’s sing a song about youuu, A-L-E-X-I-S…”

My Pal Violet is the same as My Pal Scout, only in different colors. Violet is, well, violet, and Scout is green.

Violet/Scout is labeled for ages six months and up. Alexis has had it since she was about nine months old and at 19 months she is more attached than ever.

Where I bought my model: Walmart
What I paid: $18.88
Average price range: $18.88-$24.99
Where it is available: Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Target


5 Responses to My Pal Violet and Scout

  1. My son loves his My Pal Scout. He received it for his first birthday and it’s been a required companion in his bed ever since. I love that there are two volume settings and I adore the personalization.

  2. L LOVES his Pal Scout as well. The bed time music helps him fall asleep and Scout often keeps L entertained for a few extra (much needed) minutes in the morning with his songs and games.

  3. A lifesaver for grandma too!

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  5. I want to get a Violet for my daughter. She’s at that age where she loves the ’cause and effect” game :)

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