Phil and Teds’ Lobster Chair

I was so excited when my daughter was finally able to sit in a high chair at a restaurant, but things didn’t go as we had hoped.

I had to bring sanitary wipes to wipe down the restaurant’s high chair and when seated in the chair, my daughter was too low at the table. My husband and I had to keep our arms on the edge of the table as padding in case she banged her head on it, which she did more than once.

As she got bigger and taller, it got a little better, but we were still not happy. But what other choice did we have?

One night, we had dinner with friends and they brought out this amazing contraption for their 11-month-old daughter: The Lobster Chair. I purchased one the next day.

The Lobster Chair clamps onto most tables and can hold a baby up to 37 pounds.

It comes in either black or red and has a five point safety harness.

My daughter was nine months old when we bought it and we have never actually used the harness. She fits in it so well that we know she is not going anywhere.

In restaurant high chairs, she tries to stand up or turn around and usually succeeds, even when strapped in. But she is not able to do that in her Lobster Chair.

The chair has two clamps that you can easily tighten to grasp onto different table thicknesses. My daughter has wiggled in it, bounced up and down in it, and thrown herself back while throwing a temper tantrum and the chair is completely secure.

We constantly have waiters asking us if it is safe, but yes, of course it is! Would we have our precious daughter in it if it was not?

Another plus is that she does not have to sit at the end of the table. If we are in a booth she can actually sit next to us.

The chair folds up into a small carrying bag and weighs less than four pounds. It also comes with a handy removable tray. My only complaint about the tray is that I wish it was hooked on tighter because my daughter can easily give it a little push and it comes off.

Cleaning the chair is easy too, as the fabric slides right out of the frame and can be hand washed. I use dish soap and a sponge.

I would highly recommend this chair to all my mama friends. It is awesome!

Every single time we are out in public with it, we are complimented on how cool it is.

The only drawback is that it does not fit onto every table. Out of 50 restaurants we have been to, I would estimate that it has not worked at five of them. Even so, it is definitely worth the money.

Where I bought my model: eBay
What I paid: $50
Average price range: $70 - $80
Where it is available: Amazon, Phil and Teds,

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  1. This looks like such a cool high chair alternative!

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