Prince Lionheart bébéPOD flex

The Prince Lionheart bébéPOD flex is a baby seat similar to the Bumbo Baby Seat.

I hadn’t heard of the bébéPOD flex until I started shopping for my registry. It seemed so similar to the Bumbo Baby Seat, but different at the same time. I did my research before deciding which baby seat would be best, and am glad I chose the bébéPOD flex.

One thing I like about it is the safety straps. It has straps to secure the baby into the seat as well as straps to secure the seat to a chair so that it can be used as a booster-type seat too.

It comes in a variety of colors: mint, blue, pink, poppy pink and berry blue. I chose mint because we wanted to keep it neutral, for the most part. We knew we were having a girl, but we have also planned on having at least one more child after her.

The bébéPOD flex has a high back and great support to help your baby with posture and learning how to sit. It has comfortable-sized leg openings as well as a pommel to help keep the baby snug and in place.

The Prince Lionheart website states that this product is ideal for babies three months or older. I’m not really sure what they see as an age or weight limit, though, to stop using it. My daughter is 18 months old and still fits comfortably.

If we know we’re going to a family picnic or somewhere that won’t have a highchair for her to sit in, we still pack our bébéPOD flex in the back of the car just in case!

They also make a Sit, Eat & Play Tray available for the bébéPOD flex.

Some of those trays even have the option of a sassy learning toy to keep your little one occupied. I didn’t purchase the tray for our seat, but I had thought about it and still sometimes wish I would have.

Every time I go to our local Target I look for one, but they don’t seem to carry them in store anymore.

I definitely recommend this baby seat!


Where I bought my model: I received it as a baby shower gift - but it was purchased at Target!
What I paid: I didn’t pay anything for it, as it was a gift!
Average price range: $29.99-$45.99 for just the seat, or $50 - $60 if you purchase the seat, tray and toy together as a bundle
Where it is available: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Toys R Us

By Sam A.

Samantha is the mama of two - Emma (born January, 2011) and Matthew (born November, 2012)! She is happily married, and living in Northern Ohio. When she's not working her full-time job or spending time with her family, she loves photography, crafting and DIY projects.

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