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I knew right away when looking at strollers that I wanted something that was not traditional.I find the traditional strollers cumbersome, awkward and not ideal for taking on/off road.

I wanted something compact, easy to use, stylish and that could handle different types of terrain. I also needed a stroller that would work for taller people — my husband is 6’2″ and I am 5’10″. Many strollers on the market do not work for me, and leave me with a sore neck and back after prolonged use. The Quinny Buzz was the perfect answer for me!

The Buzz has many great features including an adjustable handle, reversible and adjustable seat, adjustable foot rest and front swivel wheel. My favorite feature of all is the gas-spring mechanism that allows the stroller to spring open by it self from the collapsed position.

As mentioned, my husband and I are both tall. I have pushed many strollers over the years. My back and neck had always ached afterward. The Quinny has an adjustable handle that can raise the height by several inches, all by pushing one button on the handle. This makes it so easy for my friends, my husband and me to use.

The seat is made of preformed cushion. I like to think that James finds it comfy; he never cries while in it.

The seat also has a 5-point harness, which holds him in securely. The straps are easily adjustable. The Quinny seat can be used in the forward facing or rear facing position. It is easy to change by holding down two buttons on either side of the seat, I have done this while James is in the seat. I wouldn’t recommend doing it that way due to the weight of it while loaded, but we hit a sand storm and I quickly had to change it so he wasn’t being hit with sand in the face.

Not only does it adjust from front to rear but also from sitting upright to laying down, again it’s very easy with the push of those two buttons I mentioned earlier.

The Quinny is a three wheel system. The rear wheels are air filled, which are ideal for riding on concrete sidewalks and uneven dirt trails. The front wheel is a plastic swivel wheel. Having one wheel on the front makes turning a breeze. The downside for me is that the front wheel is plastic. It is breaking down much quicker then the rears. In the U.K. you can purchase an air filled tire for the front, but it is not available in Canada.

My favorite feature, hands down, is the gas-spring mechanism. When the stroller is collapsed, you undo one lock and —tada! The stroller stands up and locks in place. I love it because I don’t have to play with anything. I can throw the lock and then get other items out of the car or take James out of his car seat. It really is that awesome!

There are three draw backs to the Quinny.They didn’t stop me from buying the stroller, the positives outweigh the negatives for me.


There is no cup holder for mom. You can buy one for $20, but this really should be included though, in my opinion.

There is also no tray on the front for your child. I didn’t think it was a big deal, but while eating lunch at the park the other day with my friend and her child, I saw how it could have been useful. Her little one ate his lunch in his stroller. Mom put his chunks of food in the front tray of his stroller. I couldn’t do that with James. I had to give the pieces to him one at a time.

The other drawback is the basket underneath is small. I can fit his diaper bag in there and that’s it. I wish it was bigger. But if anything, it has taught me to how to pack only the necessities. 



Where I got it: Juniorbaby
How much I paid:
$399 with free shipping. I got the dream bassinet for free when I purchased this with the Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat
Average retail price: $399-449
Where it is available: Junior Baby, Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond

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  2. I really appreciate reviews of baby products, especially high ticket items.

  3. this stroller is sooooo cool looking! i wish they had it in more stores so i can try it out before i pull the trigger

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