Sony BabyCall Monitor

There are many, many, MANY options available when you start looking more closely at baby monitors.

Most mamas I know have one, but the latest trend seems to be video monitors. We weren’t interested in spending that much on ours (or having someone else pay that much if it was a gift) so we decided on an audio monitor.

Besides, I knew that if we had a video monitor, I’d probably just end up watching my son on it for hours!

I read some reviews online and settled on the Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with two receivers. I felt as though two receivers were important because my husband and I sleep on the top floor of the house and my son on the main floor. We would definitely need a receiver in our room, especially because in the summer months when we run the air conditioner there is no way we would hear him. We also spend the majority of our day on the main floor, so I thought it would be smart to have a receiver there too. I knew I’d forget to bring it with me back and forth, so getting two receivers made sense.

We’ve been very happy with our monitor since the day we started using it. We keep both receivers plugged in for convenience, but they do have quite a bit of battery life, so you can keep them unplugged and walk around the house with them if necessary.

There are 27 total channels to use so it seems impossible that you wouldn’t find one that works in your house.

Our favorite feature is the “voice activated mode” which we always keep on. If our little guy is babbling quietly or makes a soft noise, the monitor won’t pick up on it. It “kicks on” when he cries or makes a louder sound. That way, we don’t hear the constant fan we have running in his room or quiet static when it’s turned on. We only hear him when he’s making a loud noise or crying.

Our only complaint is a small one, and it’s that every so often the receiver will start beeping for no reason. When that happens, we just turn off the receiver for a few seconds and then turn it back on. That fixes the problem, and it only happens about once a month. I think it could also be fixed by changing the channel.

Overall, we love this monitor and would recommend it to anyone! A video monitor might be fancier, but definitely more expensive. If you don’t think a video monitor is something you NEED, I’d definitely give this basic audio monitor a shot.

Where I bought my model: I received it as a gift at my baby shower
How much I paid: It was a gift
Average price range: starting at $60
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Walmart

By MaryEllen M.

Mary Ellen lives in upstate New York with her hubby Chris and her two little men Brody (born December 2010) and Kieran (born March 2013). She teaches in an elementary school and loves being a working mom! In her spare time, she likes to be crafy, take pictures, cut coupons, cook and watch crappy reality TV and reruns of Law and Order SVU. She is so grateful for the love and support of her family, friends, and of course, her PB Mamas. You can find more blog posts by Mary Ellen in the "Real Life" and "Real Reviews" categories.

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