Sophie the Giraffe

If you don’t know who Sophie the Giraffe is, you must be living under a rock! Just kidding!

Before having my baby, I had heard so many mixed reviews about it as to how it did or did not work for some mamas. But I choose to put it on my registry anyway!

For us, this thing is like gold! My daughter is five months old and absolutely loves Sophie! I always joke with people that it’s the most expensive chew toy you will ever buy… or in my case, be given as a gift. Although it is a pricey item compared to similar toys, I believe that it is worth it!

It is easy for baby to hold, soft to chew (perfect for teething) and the squeaky sound makes her pretty happy as well.

In comparison to other teether toys, I really like how the material is soft and doesn’t have little bumps like others do. It’s a great product to introduce early on so your baby can get the hang of chewing on things.

Like other toys and baby products suggest, I would recommend to keep a close eye on your little one when playing with Sophie. The legs are small enough to fit into your little one’s mouth, but also long enough to make them gag or throw up. Unfortunately, we did experience that one time, and my daughter ended up with her breakfast all down the front of her.

When we opened it for the first time, it had a funny smell to it, but that’s rubber for ya! After a few washes, the smell went away.

Tip: When washing Sophie, be sure to cover the hole in the back or else the squeaking mechanism goes funny and then takes awhile to dry out before it can work properly again. I was also told by someone NOT to boil Sophie!  This will completely ruin her, and you will lose all sound (although some mamas may like this).

Overall, I would highly recommend Sophie as a first toy for your little one.  You won’t be disappointed!


Where I bought mine: Received as a gift
What I paid: N/A
Average price range: Approximately $22
Where it is available: Amazon, Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Sears

3 Responses to Sophie the Giraffe

  1. We love our Sofie. Best teether ever!

  2. After s few months our Sophie is finally coming of use. Only problem with such an expensive toy is that it hurts more when you lose it. We haven’t yet but she has been dropped many times in stores etc.

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