Summer Infant PrivacyPlus Monitor

After previously being Summer Infant video monitor owners, (we had the Slim&Secure Model as well), I was excited to upgrade to a newer version when our dog knocked over the receiver of the Slim&Secure we had and it smashed.

When looking for a replacement, we decided on the Summer Infant Privacy Plus Series Touch Plus Digital Color Video Monitora monitor that was a little more pricey and had a few newer and, in our opinion, better features than the monitor we previously had been using.

Because we had already had a Summer Infant model before, I kind of knew what to expect when my husband brought this monitor home. We hooked it up right away and it was up and running in no time.

Some of the main features I love is that the picture is very clear, whether the monitor is in day or night vision. You can hear everything very clearly and the touch receiver is really easy to operate. There are a variety of volume levels as well as different lighting settings which you can customize to your liking.

I LOVE that you can pan the room and crib with the rotating camera. Our child moves around a lot in his sleep, so I like that now I can see him where ever he is.

Another ‘new-to-us’ feature that is cool is that we can talk to him from where ever we are in the house, right from the receiver. I don’t do this a ton at this point, but I foresee it being very useful once he is able to get in and out of his bed on his own.

This monitor also has a night light option on the camera so if we ever need to go in his room to find his pacifier or something, we don’t have to turn on the big overhead light and disturb our sleeping babe.

One of the major features of this monitor that I also love is that it has a travel battery pack you can take with you when your away from the house. We are a very on-the-go family, so this is very convenient as we don’t have to drag all the cords around every time we go somewhere.

With a new baby on the way, I love the fact that you are able to connect up to three cameras to this monitor. Now we can use one receiver for both of our children’s rooms and have both in the same place.

I think the only downside to this monitor is that the charge doesn’t hold very long. I feel like I have to plug it in to charge over night every night, otherwise it will loose battery and will turn off.

Where I bought my model: Babies R Us
How much I paid: $200.00 (with a 20% off coupon)
Average price range: starting at $249.99
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Walmart

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  1. We have this monitor as well and have found many of the features very useful as well

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