Sweet Slumber Sound Machine

At my baby shower I received the Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Soother.

We used it for a while after Annabelle was born for white noise, but it operated on batteries alone and it timed out after a maximum of 45 minutes. It was like clockwork— the giraffe noise would time out, and within a minute Annabelle would wake up. So, for a while we would sneak back into her room trying not to wake her and hit the button so that the darn thing would stay on for another 45 minutes. This obviously didn’t work well, and we started searching for a new white noise machine.

My friend recommended to me the Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. I looked it up at Babies ‘R US in Ontario, and saw the price tag of $65. I then checked Amazon in the U.S. where it was only $35. My parents were coming up to Ontario for Annabelle’s first birthday, so I asked them to bring it up for us.

I am not going to say that this product is a magical cure for all babies who don’t sleep, because that would be too good to be true! But, it really is an excellent product.

I still get up multiple times during night with my 18 month old, but I think it helps her fall asleep and block out noise in our house.

The sound machine plugs into the wall with an AC adapter (included), but it also has the option to run off of batteries, which I can say from personal experience, is great when you lose power!

If you press the top of the machine down it turns into a night light. This has worked great for us because we just switched Anna over to a toddler style bed, so she is able to see what she is doing— like climbing out of the bed and not falling.

The back of the machine has several buttons. The two basic methods of creating noise are to choose either white noise/nature sounds or music.

There are six different white noise options, and six different lullabies.

The volume is also able to be adjusted to your liking.

I keep the machine set to the highest noise level, on the loudest white noise it offers. I have read where some people complain that it is not loud enough, but I think it does sufficiently.

Another very cool feature is that you are able to hook up your MP3 player and use that as white noise. The slot is located under the machine that can be opened and closed if you want to store your MP3 player inside. I use this feature often for when we are playing in her room so we can listen to music.

We keep the white noise on all night and for naps, but if you wanted to, you could set the timer to turn off after a certain amount of time.

Overall, I think it is well worth the $35 I spent on it. If I didn’t have the option to buy it for less than $65 here in Canada, I likely would have purchased a less expensive but comparable product.

Where I bought my model: Amazon
How much I paid: $35
Average price range: between $35-$65
Where it is available: Amazon, Babies ‘R Us

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  1. I’ll have to check out this product! We’ve been using an air purifier for white noise for our 15-month-old, but he’s starting to wake up at night a lot. And we just switched him to a toddler bed, so it would be nice if he had a night light that he couldn’t get to. And not a bad price, too!

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