Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

When choosing a diaper bag, there are a lot of things to consider; space, style and price are some of the most important features.

I’m a huge fan of Vera Bradley, which I know not everybody is. It seems as though most people either love them or hate the brand… there isn’t much middle ground. But when my step-cousin had a baby a few years back and received a Vera Bradley diaper bag at her shower, I was insanely jealous and thought, “Aha! That’s why I should have a baby – to get another Vera bag!”

Just kidding… but it was a beautiful gift that I did end up receiving at my own shower from my aunt and cousin, and they had it stocked with oodles of little goodies that I would use for the Little Man when he was born.

Here’s how it ranks in my opinion:

Space – This diaper bag has plenty of space to fit tons of things that you’ll need when traveling with your little one. The bag is 16 inches long by 12 inches wide and five inches deep. It has a large main pocket that has a zip closure, and inside there are about six smaller pockets on the side perfect for storing things like pacifiers, Tylenol, travel shampoo and other toiletries for baby. I usually keep a travel-sized lotion for myself, a snack and some tissues. On the outside, there is a large pocket on each side, one with a zipper closure and one with a magnetic flap. There are also small pockets on the ends – one on each side. I usually put a sippy cup for him in one of these pockets.

Style – If you’re a fan of Vera Bradley, then this is the bag for you! But as I said above, if you’re not a fan, then you probably wouldn’t want anything to do with this bag. And 99% (okay, 100%) of Vera’s designs are quite feminine and you might have a hard time asking your hubby to tote around your Java Blue or Very Berry Paisley. Luckily, my husband is secure in his manhood and doesn’t mind carrying around our “Twirly Birds Pink” diaper bag.

Price – The Vera Bradley diaper bags are pretty expensive for my taste, but I’m also a money-saving, coupon-clipping mama, so I might be a little out of touch. But the diaper bag will set you back about $100. You can buy them at Vera Bradley stores, online at, in select Hallmark stores or other retailers that sell Vera Bradley products. Of course, there are many available on Ebay and you could try to find one on Craigslist.

Some other things to note: Vera Bradley bags are washable, which is great. There is no telling how far baby spit up will travel (mams, I know you hear me!) and since it’s made of cotton, it, of course, can stain. You can machine wash and air dry. Also, it comes with a changing pad, as most diaper bags do. Wear and tear is normal, but after using this bag for 18 months, the straps and the bottom are starting to show signs of heavy use. I probably will get another diaper bag when we’re blessed with Baby #2, though I would absolutely keep this bag around for a backup.

Overall Pros: Plenty of space, lots of pockets and a multitude of designs.

Overall Cons: Large size (it can be bulky and a lot to carry around for quick trips), feminine patterns, pricey price tag and heavy signs of wear.

Mama says WOW!

Where I bought my model: I received it as a gift at my baby shower.
What I paid: nothing!
Average price range: about $100
Where it’s available:, select Hallmark stores and other Vera Bradley retailers

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