Vtech Kidizoom Camera

We take lots of photos in our family, so it’s only natural that my son has taken an interest in being behind the camera too. For a little while I let him play with my Canon point-and-shoot camera since the screen was broken. He lost interest when he realized the screen wasn’t getting fixed, “Mommy, cam-wah is boken.”

When Christmas was around the corner last Winter, I saw a toddler camera on the shelf at Target that caught my eye. I didn’t know they made actual functioning cameras for toddlers. I went online to see what companies made them, what features were available, and what kind of reviews they were getting. At the end of the day, I added the Vtech Kidizoom Spin & Smile Digital Camera (in blue) to my son’s holiday wish list and his grandma was more than happy to pick it up for him.

  • There is a viewfinder for both eyes, which is good since my son hasn’t figured out how to wink yet.
  • The lens pivots around so it’s easy to take a photo of yourself.
  • The buttons are pretty easy to figure out.
  • It’s durable and somewhat toddler-proof. He’s dropped it on the floor many times and it still works just fine.
  • It has 256MB of internal memory and can also accept an SD card for additional photo storage.
  • There are some fun borders and fun ways to take silly photos.


  • I realize the camera was only $69, but I’m quite disappointed in the performance of the camera’s sensor. 99% of the photos taken are blurry, even ones taken in bright daylight. I realize that the camera is in the hands of a toddler, but I kind of thought the designers would have kept that in mind and used a sensor that could handle it — in low light, understandable, but on a bright, sunny day, c’mon. My cheap, non-smartphone takes better quality photos than this one, and it has a 2 megapixel camera too.
  • A shoulder strap “like Mommy’s camera” would be nice. We have my Canon SLR shoulder strap attached to the wrist strap that came with the camera, per his demanding request.



In the end, we really like the toy and my son loves playing with it. As he gets a bit older, I expect he will enjoy it even more; at least until he wants to upgrade to something better.

Fisher Price also makes a toddler digital camera, so I may add that to this year’s Christmas wish list for him so I can compare. It’s a little less expensive too.

Where I bought my model: Amazon
What I paid: $69
Average price range: $59 to $69 depending on model and color
Where it is available: Amazon, Toys R Us, Target

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