Mesh Feeders

A mesh feeder was one of those things that I had never heard about or seen until I had a child.

For mamas or mamas-to-be that are not sure what they are, they’re a small feeding tool that you can use while your child is starting solid foods to help them gum and suck on foods without worrying that they’ll eat a big chunk.

We started using a mesh feeder when B was about five or six months old. He was doing well with solid foods and loved bananas. On a particularly hot, spring day, I decided to take a frozen piece of banana and give it to him in the mesh feeder. My previously whiney and cranky baby was suddenly very content for about 15 minutes. Score!

We used different things in the mesh feeder over the next few months, but frozen bananas were the biggest hit. They were great for a teething baby with sore gums.

We also used ice cubes, frozen cubes of juice mixed with water, pieces of frozen peaches and strawberries in the mesh feeder. There are lots of possibilities!

The biggest negative is that they are a pain to clean. We had two kinds that we used: the Munchkin brand and the Sassy brand. The Munchkin brand was easier to clean and the colored mesh didn’t stain like the white mesh of the Sassy brand.

I read a lot of reviews and tips from other mamas for cleaning the mesh from soaking them in water to putting them in the dishwasher to using a pressure washer (okay, kidding, but only slightly).

The best way we found to clean them is to run them under hot water as soon as the baby is done eating. As in right away. NOW. Not later. Not in five minutes. Not the next time you do dishes. NOW. Get the picture?

I’d run it under hot water and use my fingers to get every piece of food out of the mesh and even scrub it with a toothbrush. Then I would run it through the dishwasher. I had pretty good luck cleaning them that way as long as I stayed on top of it.

Overall, a mesh feeder is a very inexpensive but valuable feeding tool for the little ones.

Where I bought my model: Babies R Us
Average price range: less than $5 per feeder (Replacement mesh is also available)
Where it is available: Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby

5 Responses to Mesh Feeders

  1. We thought these were a great idea for our son. Unfortunately he didn’t like them and we ended up not being able to use the mesh feeders at all. Oh, we’ll! I think they can be a good tool if your baby likes them.

  2. These were great for our son when he was teething and exploring new foods and new flavors. On a hot day, sucking on some frozen watermelon or ice cubes were a big hit. Apples were his other favorite!

  3. Alexis loved her mesh feeder! We tried bananas though once… bad idea! lol everything else worked wonderful

  4. Good to know the 2 differences

  5. Thanks for posting about mesh feeders-I had never heard of these before. I will keep them in mind for when the teething days and transitioning to solid foods arrive! :)

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