Rumpkinz Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

Looking for an adorable, custom, soft, and well made cloth diaper? Look no further than Rumpkinz!

Bonus: they’re made by a WAHM (work at home mama)! When contacting Rumpkinz customer service, they were always quick to respond. Jeanette was an absolute professional, and always polite. h Diaper Review and Giveaway!

These luxe, beautiful, one-size, minky diapers come with a snap-in insert and an adjustable snap to size rise. By far, they’re the softest diaper we own! My little guy seemed very comfy in his Rumpkinz custom diaper. The particular diaper we have is embroidered which makes this diaper great for a hot summer day with no shorts or pants needed.

I have noticed that Rumpkinz appears to be slightly wider than most of the cloth diapers we own. It didn’t cause any issues for us, and appeared to give us slightly better protection than a lot of the other diapers we’ve tried.

The inner of the diaper shell is also made of minky, so it’s soft against my son’s skin. My son is a very heavy wetter, and he has never leaked in his Rumpkinz diaper! He is changed very frequently, though. I’m diligent about changing him every 1.5 to 2 hours to avoid leaks. We haven’t braved overnights in our Rumpkinz as of yet. If we choose to use it overnight, I’ll be adding extra doublers in for sure.

Overall, I’d highly recommend Rumpkinz. Be sure to check out their website to see more of their diapers. They carry AI2, Embroidered, Pocket and Trainer diapers. Rumpkinz also makes mama cloth called “Charm Pads” which we’ll be reviewing next month. Stay tuned!

Rumpkinz has been generous enough to offer a cloth diaper for us to giveaway to a lucky reader. You can choose from the AI2, Pocket or Trainer. Enter below and good luck!

Must complete the first four entries to qualify. Must be 18 years of age or older. Winner can reside in any country worldwide. Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Please check your inbox or spam folder for Contest begins Wednesday, August 7th and ends on Tuesday, August 13th at 11:59 PDT.
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79 Responses to Rumpkinz Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway!

  1. I love the color of Fabric 2 - a very nice bluish color - good for a girl or a boy

  2. I would get the AI2 Diaper 13F 023 So pretty!

  3. i am a wool addict, so this diaper is by far my favorite:
    AI2 Diaper 13G 016

  4. Definitely this one : AI2 Diaper 13F 018!

  5. I’d choose - AI2 Diaper 13G 024. Love the super hero theme.

  6. I love the blue me with the puppy dogs :-)

  7. I would choose one of the star wars embroidereds..Or the ghostbusters one…

  8. Not sure! I think i’d wait to see whether this new squish is a girl or a boy before deciding so I can get a gender specific one for once!

  9. These diapers are well made, a friend has some and loves them! I’ve wanted to buy one but Im too cheap. Lol

  10. id prob get AI2 Diaper 13F 002

  11. So have been wanting to try this WAHM cloth! Just haven’t come around to save up for a custom yet :D

  12. If I win I would like a great cloth diaper change diaper, Mike/sully or to create my own.

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  14. I like the AI2 Diaper 13G 031 in monkey print

  15. I like AI2 Diaper 13H 011 with the tree swing!

  16. I like the AI2 Diaper 13F 013 flower pattern!

  17. Catherine Palumbos Reply

    I would get the AI2 Diaper 13G 016

  18. I love this print - AI2 Diaper 13H 009!!!! So adorable :)

  19. Really love the Pocket Diaper 13G 007 - way too cute. And so unique!

  20. I like the basic pocket. I would love to customize it to a football team print!

  21. Stephanie Brooks Isaacson Reply

    13 H 001- The Superhero diaper is my favorite!!! I already have 4 Rumpkinz, but totally want more :-)

  22. I would go with the Girl Swag Bag. I like surprises :)

  23. I’d choose Pocket Diaper 13H 002- love the bugs!

  24. Kristina Robinson Reply

    AI2 Diaper 13F 043 . this hello kitty diaper caught my eye ive never seen one before and im in love with hello kitty it would be perfect for my daughters 6 mon photo shoot :D

  25. The yellow and dinosaur one

  26. I love this one

  27. im lovin AI2 Diaper 13F 017. I would choose that one for sure :)

  28. AI2 Diaper 13H 008 and AI2 Diaper 13H 011 are my two favorites!!

  29. Probably the mike and sully one OR star wars!

  30. The little black one with bugs! (AI2 Diaper 13H 009)

  31. I like the Mike and Sully one! :)

  32. I love the Pocket Diaper 13G 003. It’s so bright and cheery with the yellow and flowers. It’d look great on any of my three girls!

  33. This one is my favorite! Pocket Diaper 13G 013

  34. I would like the AI2 in 13G 031 with the monkeys :)

  35. I would choose AI2 Diaper 13H 005 — love the dino print.

  36. trisha kilpatrick Reply

    I just absolutely love the Pocket Diaper 13G 015 with the Fleur de lis. It is so cute.

  37. I like the Pocket Diaper 13G 007 :)

  38. I love 13F 002. my boy loves baseball

  39. I would choose the AI2 13H 006 It was a tough choice, but I love the rocket ships, and my sons middle name is Sagan, after Carl Sagan :]

  40. I like the AI2 Diaper 13G 019 with the Disney Princesses!

  41. I like the panda diaper, it’s so cute! AI2 Diaper 13F 035

  42. i looove the alien ai2!

  43. I would really like a AI2 Diaper 13F 033.

  44. AI2 Diaper 13F 018 is super bright and pretty

  45. I would choose the AI2 Diaper 13G 008 design. Love Hello Kitty!!

  46. I would choose the trainer with blue swirls! (13F 004)

  47. I really liked the dinosaurs Ai2 :)

  48. Honestly, I would probably have them send me a random gender neutral print because I can’t decide which one to pick. Although, I do love the Curious George diaper.

  49. I would choose the Pocket Diaper 13H 015 robots!!

  50. I like the smiles pocket diaper

  51. Pocket Diaper 13H 020
    family guy diaper!

  52. After reviewing the AI2 Rumpkins diapers the one I would love to own is the AI2 Diaper 13F 023.

  53. AI2 Diaper 13F 048

  54. I would definitely want the AI2 13h 008! I am a disney fanatic :-)

  55. Tough choice, but I

  56. AI2 Diaper 13F 002
    I have a gen-y go bag in the sucker punch print and this would match that !

  57. I would choose the AI2 Diaper 13H 014!

  58. Honestly have NO IDEA which one I’d choose! All of them are pretty adorable.

  59. AI2 Diaper 13F 035 pandas or AI2 Diaper 13G 001 hello kitty!!! So stinking cute! I like that those two are cute but NOT covered in pink.

  60. Oh my goodness, that was a tough decision! So MANY adorable prints to choose from!! I think I would end up choosing the AI2 Diaper 13H 019. It would be great for a boy or a girl (and I love piggies!).

  61. The star wars one :)

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