Sam’s Dinosaur Nursery

Mama Say What?! Reader Laura is a stay-at-home-mama to her seven-month-old son, Sam. She and her husband put together this adorable and simple nursery for him.

How did you decide what theme or style you wanted for the room?

It was an effort between my husband and myself. I wanted the theme to focus on a certain color but my husband had a hard time wrapping his head around that, so we added in our favorite animals—dinosaurs— and came up with a nursery that made us both happy!

What are the main colors?

Different shades of yellow.

How did you bring it all together? Inspiration boards, Pinterest, all in your head?

I knew that I wanted a bright and airy room, and I did some searching on Pinterest, but ultimately the design came together in our heads.

Where did you find the key elements and fun details?

Etsy was a huge help! We found the funky dinosaur wall hanging and the prints above the changing table, I loved including handmade art in the room. A friend made the custom baby quilt in fabric that I picked out.

How did you keep your room budget-friendly?

We bought a second-hand changing table/dresser and used the rocking chair from my husband’s nursery when he was a baby. We painted them both white to match the room. We tried to go with used items whenever we could.

What do you love most about the room?

I love how bright and simple it is. I love being in there — it just makes me happy! I wanted a space that would grow with our son. I also wanted a room the whole family could enjoy.

Did anyone else give any input on the room? 

My hubby!

What advice would you give to other mamas about how to make their dream room a reality?

You will spend a lot of time in your kid’s room, so make sure it’s a space that will make you happy as well as your kiddies. Organization is key for us. With baskets, shelves and other organizational tools, there’s a lot going on in such a tiny space so everything has to work and work well.

3 Responses to Sam’s Dinosaur Nursery

  1. What a cute nursery! I love the stegosaurus on the wall :)

  2. So cute! I love the book shelf you have on the wall. Looks great!

  3. I love it!

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