Saving Money While Raising Kids - What Works For Michelle

Who doesn’t love to save money?! But being thrifty doesn’t mean you or your little one needs to go with out daily wants.

Here’s what works for our family:

  • We cloth diaper. There are tons of websites dedicated to teaching parents about the cost effectiveness of cloth diapering, so I won’t go in to the details. But even if all our diapers were brand new (only about half are), we would still have spent less cloth diapering than the average cost of disposable diapering one child from birth to age three.

  • We purchased my jogging stroller from my sister-in-law. It was in wonderful condition, too!
  • Buy Used! I buy Elizabeth’s high-end outfits (and some shoes!) from resale shops. Janie and Jack dresses and rompers with the tags attached for $12.00? Yes please! Never worn Robeeze shoes for $4.50? I’m all over that! When many people think ‘consignment’, they often think ‘Goodwill’ or a dingy shop that smells of mothballs. But today’s children’s resale shops are amazing! You can find amazing deals on name-brand clothing, toys, shoes, and books. And remember, you can always sell outgrown clothing that is in very good condition for in-store credit.

  • Make a Wish List. We ask for specific toys and books for Elizabeth’s Christmas and birthday. This past year I made an Amazon wish list and emailed it to her grandparents. Her particular list was meant to be a general guide, and it worked out very well!
  • I shop the sales. Black Friday (or Cyber Monday), and seasonal transition months (late Winter for winter apparel and early Fall for summer clothing) are my big spending times. Yes, I might spend $150.00 at one time in February, but I am able to buy all the cold weather clothing our daughter will need for the upcoming fall and winter! This was a little tricky to do when Elizabeth was a newborn, since I didn’t know what her growth chart would look like. But now that I know her sizing, it’s easy to figure out what clothing size she will wear next winter.
  • We breastfeed. Thankfully, we have never had to use formula (though our journey hasn’t been easy). This has saved us hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the past 16 months.
  • Borrow! We borrowed a few items that weren’t necessarily ‘needs’, but ended up being lifesavers! For example, the mamaRoo was generously lent to us from a dear friend after her two babies were done with it, and it ended up being my go-to way to shower, make dinner, and clean the house.
  • I borrowed a (medical-grade) breast pump (from the same friend-ya, she rocks!). Medical grade pumps are made to be rented out by hospitals and some insurance companies. So after a quick stop at our local parenting store, I walked out with a brand new Medela Rental Pump Accessory Kit. If you are planning to breastfeed (or simply planning to try!), call your insurance company and ask if they will cover a breast pump. If not, ask your sisters, cousins, or friends if you may borrow theirs! If the idea still grosses you out, think of it this way: the pump itself is just a motor. Everything else that you can physically touch, the tubing, piston (on rental pumps), nipple shields, etc, is replaceable.

How are you able to save money while raising your kiddos?

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  1. These are fantastic tips, thanks so much for sharing!

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