Scentsy Warmer Review and Giveaway!

I had the pleasure of reviewing a Scentsy warmer with a variety of scents for our awesome Mama Say What?! readers. Our very own Christy Lipscomb Abrams is a sales representative for Scentsy and she assisted me with the ordering process. First, I was sent an online catalog to view that showcased all of the different warmers and scents to select from - and there was such a huge variety! I had such a hard time picking the “right” warmer that would work with my décor at home, so I kept it simple and went with “Crinkle”; a neutral one that has ‘cut-outs’ in the ceramic so the light shines through when the warmer is turned on.

The one thing I really like about the selection of scents, is just how detailed the descriptions are. When you don’t actually have something in front of you to test out before ordering, it can make the process more difficult and since I know exactly what I do and do not like when it comes to products like this, it made my selection so much easier. My picks were “Welcome Home”, “ Black Raspberry Vanilla” and “Love Story”.

I was really impressed with just how quickly my items arrived after placing the order and how well everything was packaged. You just never know how a breakable purchase may arrive in the mail and there was no way anything was getting damaged in this box.

I immediately opened up everything in the box to check it out. Really…who doesn’t love to get a package in the mail?! After reading the instructions and warning label that came with the product, I screwed the light bulb into the warmer, placed the wax in the dish and plugged it in. The one downside to this product is that is does take a bit of time for the wax to actually heat up. It took approximately 10 minutes before I could really start to notice the smell. 

A really great feature of this product is the wax itself. Although it melts down after being heated, it never actually gets hot enough to burn your skin like a traditional candle wax would. I did test this out for myself, and after a good 20-30 minutes of the wax being melted, I dipped my finger into it and barely felt a thing. Although I highly recommend that you keep this product is a safe place, away from little hands, if tiny fingers were to get in contact with the wax, it wouldn’t hurt them.

Another cool feature of the wax is that it doesn’t ‘melt away’ like typical wax candles, but the scent eventually fades away. To replace an old wax bar with a new one, it’s as simple as melting it down and then pouring it out.

Not only can you customize this product to your own taste and decor, but it would make an awesome gift for birthdays, Mother’s day or even a house warming! Overall, it’s a very cool concept that is safe and easy to use.

Christy has been generous enough to contribute a $50 credit good towards your next Scentsy purchase. Check out all she has to offer in her shop. Good luck and enter below!

Must complete first four entries in order to qualify. Open to residence of the U.S. and Canada. Must be 18 years of age or older. Contest begins on Wednesday 7/31/2013 and ends on Tuesday 8/6/2013 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.
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38 Responses to Scentsy Warmer Review and Giveaway!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you loved it Kathy :)

  2. Kathleen Ballard Reply

    I love the scent LINGER! :-) I promise Christy, I will be placing an order today!

  3. I like the Heartfelt Scentsy Warmer and Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Bar!

    • Coconut lemongrass was my favorite scent this summer! I bought it for everything, hand soap, body wash, washer whiffs, scent circle etc! lol I called it my official scent of summer 2013

  4. Love Scentsy! I’d get the Devoted warmer and some kind of fruity scent.

  5. Love Scentsy!

    The product is amazing and the quality is even better.

    I love that the smells last so long!!

  6. I have heard great things, but haven’t tried them yet :) :)

  7. I really want to try the coconut lemongrass bar!

  8. Awesome giveaway!!! I have the cherry blossom with hazelnut … mmmmm

  9. If I won, I would get the lighthouse warmer that was July’s warmer of the month and I would get the apple warmer that was from a few months ago (if they are still available). I would probably get Sunkissed Citrus and Paradise Punch scents!

    [email protected]

  10. I would add to my Scentsy Buddy collection from the Safari animals - maybe Jamu the Giraffe!

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  12. I would probably pick the heartfelt warmer and the welcome home scent bars.

  13. I love Scentsy products! $50 would go quick with me, but I would love it! I would get the Snapshot premium warmer, and some wonderful smelling bars. Maybe French Lavender and Beach.

  14. I would like to buy the honey plug-in scentsy warmer.

  15. My baby brother has a scentsy buddy, and I’d love to get one for my son!

  16. Devoted Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM is probably what I would choose!

  17. I’d buy French Lavender Layers Shower Gel , several Scentsy bars including, Blueberry Cheescake and Sugar Cookies and maybe the Ashbury Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM

    Thank you for the Giveaway! I ‘d love to win $50 to spend at Scentsy!

  18. I would buy some scent packs like Clean Breeze and Coconut Lemongrass if I won the $50 credit. I also would love the Enliven Room Spray from Scentsy.

  19. I would buy a University of Missouri Scentsy warmer.

  20. Oooh, fantasy shopping spree! I’d get the Regal warmer, and some fun scents like watermelon mint.

  21. I would definitely grab some of the Black Raspberry Vanilla. My 2 favorite scents in one!

    • Black Raspberry Vanilla is a favorite of mine too Monica! You will be happy to know that in the Fall/Winter catalog they are adding Black Raspberry Vanilla as an option for the laundry care products, so all your laundry can smell fantastic as well!

  22. I have never tried Scentsy so I would by a warmer and a bunch of different scents!

  23. I signed up for Christy’s newsletter but I can’t click the link in the email

  24. I’d love the Mandala warmer and bars to go with it!

  25. I’ll stock up on my favorite scents! especially Just Breathe!

  26. I would get the Devoted Scentsy Warmer PREMIUM and sugar cookiies!

  27. I have yet to try scentsy but I hear great things! Hope I win!

  28. I haven’t tried scentsy but i would definitely buy some smelly bars!!

  29. I’d love the Skinny Dippin’ scent!

  30. I use Sensy products and I love them

  31. I like the barista warmer.

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