Sidney’s Bubble Gum Blowout

MSW Mama Genae is an event planner by trade (along with several other successful ventures). So when it came to her daughter Sidney’s birthday party, she didn’t hold back. I just can’t get enough of this super fun theme and the adorable little birthday girl!

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

Sidney’s party was inspired by the theme Candy Land, but I put a twist on it and made it a Bubble Gum Blowout!

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

The element I am most proud of is her dessert display. All of the colors and goodies just came to life.

Did you work with any vendors (photographer, cake maker, location, etc.)? If so, who? And what did you like about them?

Sidney’s birthday is in January, and it’s very cold, so we decided to have her party in her grandfather’s garage for easy clean up. Her cupcakes are from Sam’s Club, some candy was bought at the Dollar Tree, the gum balls and paper striped straws are from  Pretty Sweet Stuff on Etsy.

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

My favorite moment of the party was watching Sidney interact with her guests, and being so proud of the big lollipop I made for her.

What was your birthday girl’s favorite part?

Sidney’s favorite part of the party was finally getting to the desert table. The kids couldn’t keep their eyes off of it.

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

My advice when it comes to planning a party is to start at least six months ahead of time. Decide on your theme, venue, food, and guest count. Start buying and searching for deals. I bought things for it every two weeks.

Budget: $301-$450

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