Stokke HandySitt High Chair

When my husband and I were looking to add a high chair to our baby registry, we really had no idea what we were going to need. The only thing we knew for sure was that whatever high chair we got had to fit onto one of our existing chairs. Our kitchen was much too small to accommodate a free-standing high chair.

With that in mind, I set out searching for our options. Many Fisher Price models popped up (that we own and also love) and then I ran across the Stokke HandySitt portable high chair.

I’ll be honest, I was immediately put-off by the $100+ price tag. Then I watched the demo video on their website and I was wowed. It seemed perfect for us! It could fold flat to make travel easy (and we travel a lot) and we would only need this one seat until our son was old enough to sit in a regular chair by himself. The price tag still had me weary though, so I added it to our registry, fully expecting no one to buy it.

After our son was born I received an email from my cousin explaining the he and a few of my cousins all pitched in to buy us something that we weren’t going to need for a little while. Lo and behold, they bought the high chair! My husband and I actually discussed returning it and buying a cheaper high chair and some diapers. Instead we kept it and we are so glad we did.

We began using it when our son started eating solids at about six months old and was able to sit up unassisted. The chair doesn’t come with a tray, but we wouldn’t have used one anyway. Our son has always sat right at the table with us.

The 3-point seatbelt is very secure and can be detached and washed when needed. Almost all of the parts come apart easily to be able to thoroughly wipe up any messes or random food that congeal on the chair.The straps are also easy to loosen and tighten. It’s made of steel and birch, so there are no plastic parts that can fatigue or crack over time.

The design of the high chair means it can fit securely on almost any kitchen chair. When it’s folded flat, it fits snugly in my standard roll-aboard suitcase to make travel easy. We have also brought it with us to restaurants where we knew they didn’t have decent high chairs. This chair will continue to be our son’s high chair and booster until he outgrows it at five or six years old.

While I am extremely grateful that my cousins were so generous in their gift, after using this high chair for the last two years, I would happily pay $150 for it. I recommend it to anyone looking for a portable high chair that is really well-made and will last.

UPDATE: This chair was fantastic for us until our son graduated to a bigger chair when he turned five and it was time for our youngest son to start solids. I’m happy to say that after about SEVEN years of almost daily use, it’s still going strong!! My youngest just graduated to a bigger chair at our kitchen table and the HandySitt was handed down to my sister who’s expecting her first baby. This chair was amazing, durable, very easy to clean, and lasted through two kids and possibly more!

Where I bought my model: Amazon
What I paid: $149
Average price range: $100 to $149
Where it is available: Amazon and a few random online retailers. I have seen it show up on a couple of times for an amazing price.

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