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Useful Stocking Stuffers for Mamas

According to my kids, Christmas shopping for me is really hard. They believe the only gifts I want for Christmas are unattainable for them… a bigger kitchen, a day at the spa, a house cleaned by someone else, children who listen… okay, maybe they’re right. I’m not a fan of jewelry gifts, I don’t wear [...]

Deuter Junior Backpack

Deuter is a brand well known for backpacks and framed baby carriers that are great for hiking, camping, and backpacking. We picked up the Deuter Junior Backpack when we were looking for a kid-sized backpack for my kids, intending to use it for hiking and camping, but we wanted it to also be big enough [...]

Matador Mini Pocket and 2.0 Blankets

I first discovered this brand when cruising the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City this summer. I watched a video that promoted many of their products and I immediately thought, “what great products for parents!” They make backpacks, hip packs, blankets, wet bags, and more that can be scrunched and folded down into [...]

Comparing Toddler Carriers - Beco, Kinderpack, Tula, & Líllébaby

As my youngest son turns three this spring, I know my babywearing days are numbered. I continued to wear my oldest son through airports and on occasional hikes until he was almost four and we shared a closeness that I adored. The workout for my core and legs was helpful too. Standard baby carriers usually [...]

My Journey to Fitness: Hike It Baby

My Journey to Fitness: Hike It Baby

When I was growing up, vacations with my family were almost always camping. That combined with being a Lifetime Girl Scout and I have had a love for hiking since I was pretty young. Simply being outside, away from civilization (even if it’s not that far away), communing with some sort of nature, has always [...]