The Art Collection

Johnny’s Self Portrait

If you have a kid and he or she can put crayon to paper, you’ve got priceless artwork!

At first it’s a wobbly line on a sheet of binder paper and you marvel at it and hang it on the refrigerator. That wobbly line is quickly replaced with a circle and then it’s a little human figure with no neck. Before you know it, you have an art explosion!

You can’t throw these masterpieces away! You must save them for posterity: a yardstick against which you measure the progress of your little genius. You start with a file folder, and graduate to a shoe-box, and soon enough you just have so much crap that you can’t open your fridge without ten pictures falling to the floor and the shoe-box is full.

The good news is that you CAN eventually cull out the nits and twiddles and save the good stuff that brings a tear when your babies are all grown. The other good news is that I have a great idea for storing the good stuff that is worthy of a lifetime collection.

Here’s the secret. Ready?

Go to the art store and buy a 36” cardboard art portfolio with the string and button closure on the flap. Write your kids’ name on the front. If your child is old enough, have him decorate his own portfolio.

Art portfolios fit behind dressers or under beds, and all those precious memories stay safe and flat inside. I have one for each kid, and they are stuffed to the gills with drawings and stories and pictures with noodles glued on them. (One of my favorites is Johnny’s self portrait from first grade).

I also saved little notes they wrote me and letters they sent me from summer camp. I had my first child in 1985 and her portfolio is still with me.

Kate’s Portfolio - started in 1985

It’s a simple idea, but has proven to be a very useful, inconspicuous container for the ever-burgeoning children’s art collection.


2 Responses to The Art Collection

  1. Great idea! I have three grown children and did the same! All three have loved looking back at the treasures within the portfolio!

  2. Love it!

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