Three Easy Ways To Keep My Toddler Busy

Do you have trouble keeping your toddler from constantly climbing your legs while you are trying to work around the house? Lemme tell ya, I do! Here are my quick and easy ways to keep (or at least to lessen) little M from constantly calling “Mommy, Mommy!”, or climbing my leg to be “up” while I cook.

We all know TV works to keep our littles busy once they get to the age where they are interested in vegging out for a while. That gives me mama guilt because I once said “I’m not going to use TV to parent my kids.” Reality check! No, I still do not use TV to parent my toddler, but I’m not afraid to admit I put on the Barney DVD so I can finish some housework.

The older M grew; she became less interested in playing with her toys for longer than five minutes. I used TV most of the time to keep her busy for longer. I don’t know why it took me so long to figure out the other simple things she would like to do while I’m busy.

Here are my top three:

1. Stickers. I love to buy her window clings. My aunt sent her a package of Valentine’s Day clings and she played with them on the glass front door for 30 minutes!  I was in shock. Now, every time I go to the grocery or dollar store I scope out the Holiday section for some cheap clings. Otherwise any set of stickers will work.

2. Ride-on-toys. M has a musical motorcycle that I let her ride around on in the kitchen. It took her a while to figure out how to actually ride it. In the meanwhile, she would push the buttons and be-bop around.

3. Coloring books. We haven’t ventured into all of the different toddler art at this point. This is mostly because I’m afraid of having to clean my walls or scrub the floors. For now, she is limited to coloring books. I started her out coloring in the high chair so she could see what I was doing and also use some of her motor skills to make pretty pictures. Now, I’ve graduated her to the booster seat at the bar. She enjoys it.

One day I doubled up. Wait for it… I gave her a coloring page AND stickers! Again, how did it take me so long to figure this out? I don’t know. That’s why I’m posting this for you in case your brain is filled with other thoughts and stickers aren’t one of them.

Double the fun things=double the time I got to cook. I prepped, baked, and cleaned the entire kitchen and M was still playing with her stickers. She played with them for so long they weren’t sticky anymore.

How do you keep your little(s) busy when you’re busy? Best of luck cooking!

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  1. More tips are on the way! Our newest love for artwork (and giving me an extra minute with the baby) are Melissa and Doug Color Blasts.

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