Tips For Being A Good Daycare Parent

I’ve seen many, many articles and blogs about how to find a good daycare provider and what questions to ask when looking for one. We’ve even provided a list of questions here. However, I haven’t seen anything on how to KEEP a good provider once you find them.

Having worked in the childcare field for more than ten years, I’d like to share a little bit about what makes a good daycare parent, (which is way different from being a good parent in general! Sometimes great parents aren’t such good daycare parents). These will, of course, vary depending on your arrangement. Some things work with nannies that do not work with big corporate day care centers, for example.

1. Be courteous. I know that seems no-brainer, but a lot of times when you have a bad day you bring it with you. We don’t need you to bend over backwards, but just try to be nice when you pick up your child at the end of the day.

2. Ask questions… we don’t mind! I like when a parent asks questions because it shows they care about what goes on when they’re away. I was SO impressed when a parent recently asked if there was any way to make things run more smoothly for me. Parents rarely ask things like this. We also don’t mind questions about the care we provide.

3. Be understanding. Sometimes things come up that we can’t predict will happen. Accidents happen. If you have a truly professional provider, they will be sure to address the issue with you.

4. Be on time. This is a huge deal to most providers. We understand delays at work happen, but keep us updated. I’ve personally had parents who were habitually late and it can really put a strain on the provider-parent relationship. A call and an apology go a very long way! If you need a schedule adjustment, let your daycare provider know.

As a side note to this, please let us know as far in advance as possible if you’re not going to be bringing your child or if there’s a chance they won’t be coming. If it’s just a possibility, let us know when you’ll inform us for certain.

5. Keep us updated. Knowing important information is a very important part of this relationship. If there’s a change in your child’s routine such as nap, appetite or behavior, we like to know. There are also very dangerous situations which we really need to be kept up to date on such as:

  • Allergies
  • Medication
  • Illness
  • Injuries
  • Change in pick-up person (this could be a big safety issue!)

Being on top of things and communicating with your daycare provider can often be a saving grace.

Remember, we love and care for your child when you aren’t able to, so we also want what is best for them!

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