TJ’s Favorite Books - Age 4

My son is super active and constantly moving, so it’s always nice to get a chance to sit quietly with him and read a book. It doesn’t happen every day or even before bed every night. But when it does, it’s a real treat for me and my husband because we both love to read.

I have already shared TJ’s favorite books from about a year ago. As more and more books have been added to his library, the short list of current favorite books has evolved. Even though he sometimes still wants to read one of his older books, I am very grateful he’s not the kind of kid who gets stuck on just one book over and over… at least, so far.

Here are the new favs:

This Caldecott Medal book was purchased at random one day because I fell in love with the illustrations and the message the author tells. The fact that TJ loves this book too just made me even happier. The book doesn’t have many words, and when I read it to him, I often add to it, narrating what’s going on in many of the illustrations. TJ is even a little too young to really understand the message the book is sending, but hopefully he will as he gets a little older. In the mean time, we just enjoy reading it together.

TJ loves Ree Drummond’s first Charlie book, Charlie the Ranch Dog, and he was thrilled to receive the sequel for Christmas from his grandma. It’s been the current first choice even though Christmas has long since passed. When Charlie howls, we both howl with him and we love looking for the chipmunk that is somewhat hiding on each page. Diane deGroat’s illustrations are stunning and we can’t wait to read more Charlie books soon.

This book is such a fun book to read, especially if you can manage a bit of a pirate accent. There’s a lot of shouting and cheering and “aargh!!” We always have fun reading this book as a family. I realized after we got it this book is the second written by this author, so I’d eventually like to pick up the first pirate book she wrote with these same characters, How I Became a Pirate. It’s such a fun read, I can only imagine her first book is just as fun.

This book was a favorite of mine as a kid and I’m thrilled that my son loves it too. The version we have has windows that we get to open on each page that reveal words and images, so it makes reading the book even more fun. This book has also helped us combat picky eating a little bit. More than once we’ve been able to say “Just try it, like Sam-I-Am” and it’s worked to get him to try a new food. More than once he’s actually turned it around and said the same thing to us.

I love this author/illustrator already as she was one of my instructors in college. So I already owned a few of her books even before I became a mama. This one she wrote and illustrated for her oldest son and it often brings tears to my eyes when I read it to TJ. It’s a quick read and great for us for bedtime. It always earns me a few extra hugs and kisses from my son and I adore when he requests it.

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  1. Awesome list! Thank you for the suggestions

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