TJ’s Favorite Books - Age 6

TJ is six and a half and in the same classroom with the first, second, third, and fourth graders at his Montessori school and he is LOVING it (yes, even summer school). He is reading anything and everything he can get his hands on and it’s been amazing to see how the world has become so much more interesting to him now that he can read road signs, billboards, newspapers, and magazines. Every time I turn around he’s asking me what what words mean and he spells out long words asking how to pronounce them.

Since, both my husband and I are avid readers, it’s been wonderful to witness our son become one too… at least hopefully! The only thing he’s not quite ready for yet is chapter books. He doesn’t have the attention span yet, he still needs the visual stimulation of picture books.

Every night part of his homework is to read for twenty minutes. It can be one book, it can be five books, it can be a magazine, he just has to be reading. If I’m busy wrangling his little brother, TJ can often call one of his grandmas or an auntie and do his twenty minutes of reading to them via FaceTime, which I know they love. We forgot to do a favorite books post when TJ turned five, so we’ve added a couple of extra books to what is supposed to be a short list.

These are the current favorites:

A Hatful of Seuss by Dr. Seuss - This book was gifted to us by my grandmother when TJ was born and it’s only recently become a regular read in our house. TJ likes The Sneeches, Too Many Daves, and What Was I Scared Of. We have been using Dr. Seuss stories to help him learn cadence and rhythm when it comes to reading stories like these.

Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin - We actually received this book as a gift when my youngest son turned one, but he has no interest in books at the moment, so it’s become a popular book for TJ to read out loud. It’s a fun read with some really fun illustrations. My son loves that he has something in common with dragons, he doesn’t like spicy salsa too! 

Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPucchio - TJ received this book for Christmas and it’s a really fun read. Everyone loves Bacon so much, that it goes to his head and he starts losing his friends because he becomes arrogant and self-centered as he gains popularity and a fan base. This story teaches a good lesson and has a cute ending.

Dim Sum for Everyone by Grace Lin - We love to go out to eat dim sum as a family and TJ is familiar with a lot of the traditional dishes. I wish this book had more text overall, because TJ reads through it really quickly, but it’s fun to spend a couple of minutes reading both the English and Chinese pronunciation of the dishes in the back of the book.

The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg - Yes, it’s well after the holidays, but my son is hooked on this book! I had outgrown picture books by the time it was released and I’m embarrassed to say I never read or heard it read until one day when my son was a year old. I was hormonal and listening to my usual morning radio show on my drive to work. Morgan Freeman read the story on the radio and I was a puddle of tears right there in the parking lot of my office. As soon as TJ learned how to read, I made sure we had a copy of this book. I’m so glad he loves it. He often asks if we had one of those bells, would he be able to hear it jingle. I wonder??

Charlie the Ranch Dog (I Can Read Books) by Ree Drummond - We have already been fans of Ree Drummond’s Charlie the Ranch Dog picture books. When TJ started learning how to read, he got a couple of the I Can Read Books for his birthday. He got the rest of them for Christmas and they are regulars when he reads for homework. They are pretty quick reads and they all have fun stories. Charlie is really an adorable character.

Guinness World Records 2016 - Back in November TJ started asking me random questions about where the world’s biggest snowman was or who kicked the world’s longest field goal. Just how tall is the tallest man in the world? Come to find out he’d discovered the Guinness World Record books at his school’s library and he asked me to add the 2016 edition to his Christmas wish list. His grandparents got the book for him and he’s been utterly fascinated by the random facts inside. So have we!

What are your early readers reading these days??

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