Tonka Trucks - Classic, Solid and FUN! And a Giveaway!

Eighteen years ago on my baby brother John’s 2nd birthday, he received a Tonka truck.

It was their classic yellow steel model and over the years that followed, it got a LOT of love. I would even go so far as to say it was John’s “signature” toy. He spent most of his waking hours pushing it around the yard filled with sticks, rocks and whatever else he could fit in the bed of the truck. It carried juice boxes and Legos, security blankets and possibly a pet rabbit or two to anywhere John could think of. The trusty Tonka truck rolled through grass, mud, gravel and the creek bed in the back yard.

The wheels never wore out, the paint never scratched, the bed never dented. It just never wore out and to this day it remains in my parents house – 20 years of love haven’t made a bit of difference. Now THAT is a good toy. 

When my own son was born, it was a foregone conclusion that someday my house would be littered with Tonka toys. We started him a little early when he turned one (the package says 3 years and up) with his own Classic Tonka dump truck (Uncle John’s older model stays at Grandma and Granddad’s house).

It’s been a few months and the Tonka is a hit – even for a child as young as Nolan. We’ve also ‘tested’ it on our niece who is almost 3 and she loves it too! Proof that this classic toy doesn’t belong squarely in “boy toys” category and can appeal to kids of all ages for a lot of different reasons.

YES. In case you’re wondering I did find a vintage Tonka shirt in my son’s size in a thrift store the day I planned to take these pictures. Perfection!

CONSTRUCTION: This toy is SOLID. All parts are either metal or hard plastic and it never wears out. I’ve got 20 years of proof to back this one up!

EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT: As far as educational and developmental value goes, surprisingly the truck scores high in my book. Our son started out turning the wheels, pulling the bed up, pushing the truck away from him and watching it roll. It was a solid lesson in cause and effect. As he’s gotten steadier on his feet he’s started to push it around which has helped his balance and coordination.

FUN: My son and my niece had a blast. The truck is easy to play with and operate – simple is really better sometimes! The bed moves up and down and the wheels turn easily and can cover lots of surfaces without too much trouble. It looks real too – added bonus for imaginative play!

PRICE: This line of Tonka trucks starts at $29.99 and goes as high as $50. The price is worth it.

CONS: A few times our son has whacked his head on the bed of the truck while pushing it around if he happens to trip or fall. Since the bed is metal, it’s caused a few tears but no lasting damage!

All-in-all, this is a toy that well deserves it’s “classic toy” status.

The Tonka truck is going on its second generation of love in my family and is still a strong favorite. If you’re looking for a toy that your kids will love and that will last for decades, Tonka is the way to go!

If you’re convinced that your little one needs one, Tonka has generously supplied one Classic Steel Mighty Dump Truck for a lucky reader to win. Enter below, and good luck!

Must complete the first four entries to win. Must be 18 years of age or older. Contest open to residents in the USA and Canada (excluding Quebec). Contest begins on Wednesday, September 18th and ends on Tuesday, September 24th at 11:59 p.m. PDT. Winner must respond to email notifying them of the win within 48 hours. Please check your inbox and spam folder for emails from 
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24 Responses to Tonka Trucks - Classic, Solid and FUN! And a Giveaway!

  1. This is a really cool giveaway! my son is really into trucks right now!

  2. I remember my brother having this! My boy would love it!

  3. My 14 mth old foster son would adore this truck ! He is loving trucks and cars right now.

  4. I am lucky enough to have had the privilege of caring for a little man starting when he was 3 months old, he is now 3 years & 3 months. / If he isn’t a dump truck/backhoe/front loader/excavator operator when he grows up, I will be surprised. My daughter is expecting our first grandbaby in about 7 weeks, a boy! It would be well loved and enjoyed if I win it.

  5. My son would love this

  6. Great giveaway! I don’t have a boy, but I’ve been introducing both “girl” and “boy” toys to my daughter :)

  7. Great idea boys LOVE trucks!

  8. Id love to win this! I got a metal Tonka truck for Christmas when I was 5 and I loved it! Gonna keep the tradition alive!

  9. I would love to win this for one of my grandsons!

  10. My brother had them all! A goal for my grandson.

  11. My son has this truck and it’s awesome, incredibly tough. I would have loved one when I was his age!

  12. Love Tonka trucks! My son just turned 1 and loves trucks!

  13. I love that this isn’t another piece of plastic junk.

  14. My son loves all his trucks! Hope we win it!

  15. My baby boy (turning two) would love this for his upcoming birthdays. We bought another truck, that wasn’t Tonka, and it lasted about a month. Tonka trucks seem to last forever, every boy needs at least on or two!

  16. This is so fun! Love Tonka and their trucks!

  17. My son loves TONKA trucks!!! thanks for a chance!

  18. This is a really cool giveaway! my son is really into trucks right now!

  19. My son would jump all over in excitement if we won! Thanks!

  20. We love Tonka Trucks

  21. My boy would love this truck!

  22. O loves to play with this truck at his grandparents! But it is so hard to find in the stores!

  23. These metal trucks are amazing! Waaaay better than the cheapie plastic ones that you find at the store.

  24. My 2 year old got one for his birthday last year - loves it! Perfect for playing in the backyard.

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