Top 5 Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

My two-year-old loves doing crafts, and I love helping her. Halloween is a great opportunity for crafts because the possibilities are endless; pumpkins, ghosts, mummies, spiders, bats, vampires, monsters and more!

These are crafts you can do with what you likely already have at home, with little or no prep time and where your toddler can really participate. Check out our top five toddler-friendly, two-year-old-approved Halloween crafts!

  • Paper plate ghosts

Easy as pie, this craft was my two-year-old’s favorite. I gave her some safety scissors and let her cut a few sheets of paper towel into strips. (Always help your little one cut!) You can use white streamer, toilet paper, paper towel, or even regular white printer paper. While she went to town with the scissors, I cut out ghost’s eyes and mouths from black construction paper. C helped me glue the faces onto some paper plates we had leftover from her birthday party. Then we taped on the strips of toilet paper, cut out ghost hands from white printer paper and taped those on as well. We hung them on our front door to surprise visitors! Boo!

  • Handprint monsters

Thanks to Monster’s Inc., C has had an obsession with monsters lately. She always tells me, “they’re not scary, they’re cute!” And so we made some cute-not-scary monsters using her handprints. Using finger paints, we painted her hand, excluding a finger here or there, and she pressed her hand onto a piece of grey construction paper. After the handprints dried, we glued on some googly eyes and added mouths and arms or feet. Voila! Monsters!

  • Spooky spider handprint

While C painted her own hand with black paint— lots and lots of black paint— I drew a spider web on a piece of construction paper. When the spider web was complete, C pressed her hand down onto the center of the web. She didn’t want to get her other hand messy as well, so I turned the paper around and let her do two handprints with one hand. If you want a more realistic looking spider, paint both your little ones hands with paint so the thumbs are both pointing up! Then we glued on some googly eyes. Bonus— washing black paint off a toddler’s hand is almost as fun as painting it to begin with! (Be prepared for lots of clean up!) Spooky!

  • Toilet paper roll mummy

I ripped off uneven strips of masking tape and gave C an empty toilet paper roll. I showed her how to wrap the tape around the roll, and helped her with most of the strips. The uneven rips and lifting edges of the tape really give the mummy a realistic look! We glued on some googly eyes and our mummies are now our dinner table centerpiece.

  • Jack-O-Lantern mask

C and I colored a paper plate with orange crayons. She showed me where she wanted her Jack-O-Lantern’s eyes and mouth to be, and using a sharp pair of scissors, I cut them out for her. We used green construction paper to make a pumpkin stem and vine and attached a plastic stick to the back to create a Jack-O-Lantern mask!

What are some simple Halloween crafts you like to do with your little ones?

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  1. I like these cute and simple projects for toddlers. I think some online art projects overestimate the artistic ability of toddlers and their fine motor skills. These are spot on!

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