Top 7 Reason Toddlers are Awesome

  • Endless laughs

The other night my toddler ran around naked with an empty paper waste-basket on her head. 

  • Efficiency

You will never compete your errands or shopping faster than when you have a toddler on meltdown alert with you.

  • Weight-loss

You are having lunch when Junior suddenly decides only mommy’s food will quell his hunger. Suddenly your planned serving size has been cut in half, if not more.

  • Laundry

Toddlers dirty their close faster than humanly possible. While, yes, it creates MORE laundry to wash, you will be guaranteed to always have clean clothes to wear since the washer will always be going.

  • Pop-culture

Because your radio and TV now belong to a tiny minion, you won’t be needing to waste what little free-time you have by watching Kathy Lee and Hoda.

  • Housework

The amount of stuff that little ones track in make it imperative that you vacuum at least five times a week, unless you want to be fishing pebbles and blades of grass from her mouth all day long.

  • Exercise

Moms of little ones know, if you take them to they park, and they want to run on the soccer field. Go to a splash-pad, and they want to play on the scalding-hot playground equipment instead.

Share something awesome your toddler does!

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