Ty’s Nursery: Cool Stripes!

When Mama Say What?! mama, Heidi moved into her new home, she was able to pull together an amazing combination of colors and stripes to make the perfect room for her son, Ty.

Because she and her husband waited until birth to find out that their bundle of joy was a boy, and then waited until their new home was built, she waited a long time to pull this adorable room together! It was well worth the wait for Ty!

Because you were “team green”, how did you decide what “theme” or look you wanted to go with for the nursery?

Well, we actually knew we wouldn’t yet be in our new house by the time baby was here, so we didn’t decide on a nursery theme until after he was born.

How long did it take you to decide?

We got his crib bedding from my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws after he was born, it was brown and blue. I was searching for ways to ‘spice’ up the brown and blue because I didn’t want it to be a traditional boy’s room, and decided we would either mix in some orange or some red. I also saw some pictures of rooms with striped walls and loved the idea of stripes, so we went with that. I hate decisions, so once I make one, I must stick with it!

When you moved into your new home did you change the “theme” or look of his nursery (especially now that you knew he was a boy?!)

I thought about doing a more neutral themed nursery with greens and browns, but when we realized our house was not going to be built by the time he was born, we decided to wait on a nursery until we knew what he was, so we could make it more fun for him!

How did you make it all come together? Inspiration boards, all in your head?

My mother-in-law gave us the gift of having someone paint the nursery for us, which was excellent! The painter is also a great decorator, so I met with her and she found some cute striped designs after I sent her some inspiration pictures. I gave her the bedding and an orange shag rug my mom got for us so she could match the paint colors to them. Once the wall was painted with the stripes, there wasn’t much left to be done because the wall pretty much decorates the whole room itself!

What were your main colors?

Light blue, navy blue and orange.

Where did you find most of the items in the room?

The crib and dresser are from USA Baby, the chair from Cullen’s Home Center, the bedding from Target, and I found the shag rug online. I got the little lamp and orange shelf from thrift stores (and then painted them). The star mirror was found at a garage sale. And I made the blind cover with a cheap set of blinds from Target and some fabric I found online! The letters that spell out his name were actually found at a little boutique downtown.

Were you on a budget?

We were not really on a budget because most of the big items (the chair, the crib and the dresser) were all gifts from our parents, so there really wasn’t much left for us to buy ourselves. I just like DIY-ing things to put a personal touch on the room, so that’s where the garage sales and thrift stores came in!

Any tips for mamas on how to make their dream nursery come to reality?

I guess I would just say do your homework! Look online for inspiration pictures and print them out and have fun with it. I don’t know if this was really my ‘dream’ nursery, but once we got going, it was fun to put things together in your head and see how it all turned out in the end.

What do you and Ty love most about his room?

Well Ty certainly loves that his books are all within reach, and he grabs one (or two, or four) every night and we sit in the rocking chair and read to him. He also loves his framed letters above his changing table. He points and tries to tell us what they are while we get him dressed!

Is there anything you would change now?

I LOVE the furniture in the room, but after we got it, I really got into painting old furniture! I maybe would have found an old dresser and painted it orange, or distressed it, or did something cute and creative with that… But there is always next time, right!?

8 Responses to Ty’s Nursery: Cool Stripes!

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  7. I love the colors. Looks very simple, but great.

  8. Wow- Simply fabs Heidi! Nicely done as is the rest of the house!

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