Unexpected Surprise: My BFP?!

November 4th, 2005 will be forever etched into my mind.

It started out like any other normal day for me. I drove across town and picked up my friend for some lunch and shopping. We were in a goofy mood and spent the day looking at baby stuff and joked about being pregnant. One of our good friends had just found out about six weeks earlier that she was pregnant and kept telling me that I HAD to get pregnant with her.

Getting pregnant was FAR from my mind. I was 23 and in the middle of a break-up with my boyfriend at the time. I was living my life drinking, going to school and working. I didn’t really have or want responsibility and as far as I was concerned, life was good (minus the break-up). I always wanted children but not until way down the line when I was in love, married and settled down.

On that particular day, my friend was teasing me a lot about being pregnant so I finally gave in and bought a pregnancy test just to PROVE to her that I wasn’t pregnant. I went for the expensive digital test because I wanted to show her the “NOT PREGNANT” on the screen.

We got back to her apartment and I took the test… I stared at the blinking timer for what seemed like forever and then pried my eyes away to wash my hands. When I looked back at it I stopped breathing and made a very weird scream/cry sound. Then I busted out laughing… it was there… “PREGNANT.”

One single word changed my life.

Within the next few months I quit my job, broke up with my boyfriend officially, my BFF and roommate moved to Georgia, and I moved back in with my parents.

My life was forever changed that day. Just seven months later on June 19th at 3:30 p.m., Ryleigh Hazel was born.

Check out Ryleigh’s birth story and the birth stories of her sisters Lilah and Evelyn too!

One Response to Unexpected Surprise: My BFP?!

  1. I had a surprise a bit like that as well. Since i was 15 my cycle had always been out of wack. I had horrible contraction-like cramps and was put on BC. I was on it until i was about 22 when it started messing with me. So my cycles went back to being weird. I’d skip a month or two, get out, skip another month be late, skip two more. Because of this, i was constantly checking to set of i was pregnant with the thought, “I’m sure I’m not, but i need to know for sure before i do something stupid.”

    Fast forward to March 13, 2011. I was at my sisters house trying to figure out decoration ideas for my WEDDING that was occurring 6 months later. I had joked that i was late again and she said, “well, what is new?” But she had a test so i took it. I had to double and triple check that damn stick to be sure i was reading it right. i screamed and immediately collapsed to the floor.

    9 months later, after being seven months pregnant for my wedding, Seth Russell made his dramatic entrance into the world.

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